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After a night at a loud concert or club you've probably experienced one of the many sounds of Tinnitus- a high pitched ringing noise in the ear. Fortunately, for most people the sound goes away by the morning.

For some people, Tinnitus sounds last a lot longer

There are multiple reasons why someone experiences tinnitus, earwax, hearing loss, sinus problems, ear infection to name but just a few.

As there are so many causes for Tinnitus it is essential to see your doctor. The problem could be as easy to treat as cleaning the ear of excess wax.

If the doctor cannot help, it is essential you are referred to an Ear Nose and Throat Specialist (ENT) who may again be able to treat the cause, however in many cases they may simply state

"I'm sorry there is nothing more I can do."

For some people, even though a medical doctor has reassured them that the tinnitus is not damaging, their subconscious mind will think that the sounds are a threat. A terrible vicious loop then starts as the person tries not focus on the sound, but finds it's impossible not to. This can result in feelings of frustration, anger, panic, or depression.

If you suffer from Tinnitus you most likely know there isn't any medical "wonder drug" available, this is because the causes for Tinnitus vary considerably.

It is alas not surprising in desperation that many people turn to expensive homeopathic and herbal treatments, none of which have proven effective in any double blind studies; they can however help at a placebo level (which should never be discounted)

The term for when the tinnitus sound does not cause the patient any more anxiety is called "habituation"

If you live or work near an airport, train line or a busy road because for most the noise is perceived more as an annoyance rather than a threat you will habituate to the sounds very quickly, and this is where hypnosis can help.

By helping in reducing the anger, frustration and panic associated with the tinnitus; hypnosis helps to speed up the process of habituation.

The few research studies on the use of hypnosis to help tinnitus have shown it to be effective but are too small and not ridged enough for proper scrutiny, however it does seem to be a useful tool in helping some Tinnitus patients deal with this condition.

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