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Tinnitus masking is a means of calming down your tinnitus by gently confusing your brain.

The masking sound covers similar frequencies to the nosie of your tinnitus and by doing so eliminates the tinnitus noise.

Although this might see a good idea and will work; as a long term solution it would not be of great use as you are not getting to the cause of the problem that of the awareness of the Tinnitus noise.

The simplest tinnitus masker is that of the static on your radio otherwise known as white noise, however this is an abrasive sound not pleasant on the ear long term.

The most effective non-abrasive sound for tinnitus masking is my rain cd and ocean waves cd both found in the nature section of the menu, there are audio demonstrations to test out the masking effect, depending on the nature of your tinnitus you might find some of the other nature CDs better for masking your tinnitus, you will find they are lot less abrasive than white noise, please make sure to play masking CDs at a low volume as not to damgage your ears.

If you prefer a long term solution to reducing your awareness I would suggest you look at my Tinnitus Hypnosis Relief CD and Guide

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