There is a product you most likely already know called Vicks Vapour Rub, After a little test, I've found out its been helping quite a few of my patients. If your tinnitus is related TMJ, Eustachian tubes, sinus, pressure in the head then the oils clear up the head and for some have even helped calm down their Tinnitus, it also works on a relaxation level to help sleep. So apply a bit at night on your chest. It's very cheap and available all over the word and no I do not get any commission.

Other Tinnitus Products, I do suggest people look at the Tinnitus Support Forum for proper advice but let me give some information of the main Tinnitus product and some real facts.
Now first of all let us talk about some other products on the market, and their main ingredients.

So the first ingredient Gingko. There have been a lot of exciting trials with this and how it helps Tinnitus unfortunately they were not very scientific. But when a clinical trial which recruited its 720 participants from across the UK gave half ginkgo, and half a placebo, the extract had no discernible effect.

OK, next.........

Zinc, interesting one this, very, very. Basically the studies have shown the following. If and only if you have low levels of zinc in your blood (more likely to elderly people), then for 25% of these people zinc can help, if your zinc levels aren't low it has no effect whatsoever and should NOT be supplemented. Now the amount of zinc these trial patients were taking 100-150mg a day for 3-6 months much higher than in herbal formulas. In fact the zinc level is dangerously high and has to be balanced out with other metals. If the doctor finds you are zinc deficient via a blood test, you can only take high levels of zinc, with a doctor's guidance; it is far too dangerous to do this alone.

B Vitamins, B12 no real research, it is rumoured (lovely word) for certain types of Tinnitus it might help but you should get this like all vitamins from a good diet.

The Tinnitus Relief CD is not a cure, but has helped countless people.

I will give you even more advice and support when you email me.

Tinnitus Hypnosis Relief CD and Guide

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