Thank you so much for the Thera Cane deep tissue trigger point massager. This product is by far the best I have tried, and believe me, I've tried most of them.

My muscles knot up because of a thyroid problem. It seems that even though I take the medication for my low thyroid, I still get the muscle knots that go along with the low thyroid, but that did not become apparent until this summer (2007).

As my pain became increasingly more intense, I began to feel like an old woman, which at 57 is too soon in my way of thinking. Because we live in Germany, we adhere to their system of medicine. I received from my general practitioner a prescription for 10 massages.

Unfortunately, the therapist did not really know her stuff, although I did get a little relief from the pain around my hip joints. Then a friend recommended another massage therapist who actually knew what he was doing, and he gave me a diagnosis since he could feel the knots in my legs, low back and hips.

So, then I began my own investigations because I knew seeing a therapist just once every week or two weeks would not be enough for me and my intense problem. That's when I found the Thera Cane on your web site. Actually, I found it first in a book on self massage for trigger points, then googled it and there you were in England. I was in a hurry, and you got the goods to me very quickly. Thanks for that!

After using the Thera Cane on my leg and low back trigger points, I can say without a doubt that it is the best tool I have found, even way above a real massage therapist who knows what they are doing. With this tool, I can really get at those knots, since I know where they are when I press on myself, whereas a therapist must be told if they have the right spot. Even then, they do not really know how much pressure I can stand at any given time, but with the Thera Cane, I get to find the spot and put the pressure on it.

I no longer feel like an old woman. It's a miracle to find a way to get at my low back, which has actually been painfully knotted up for almost 10 years. Nothing has touched it until the Thera Cane.

Thanks again for all your assistance and for representing this great product.


Amy Swenson December 4, 2007
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