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Stress Squares - the Simple Stress Tester

The Simple Stress Test

The price above is for 36 stress squares.

Place your finger on the square for ten seconds and see what colour the square changes to.

  • Blue 91 degrees is relaxed

  • Green 87 degrees is Calm

  • Red 84 degrees is Nervous

  • Black 79 degrees is Tense

  • Remove your finger and after another ten seconds the square will turn back to black.

    Each stress square is completely re-usable it never stops working, a day, a week, a month later.

    These are extra large stress squares 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch (about 1.25cm by 1.25cm) temperature sensitive liquid crystal squares.

    Because of their larger size you are not restricted to smaller fingers as maybe the case with similar products (mini stress squares, dot shapes or circles), whatever the size of finger small or large, these stress squares will work well.

    Simply peel off the back, and place the sticky side on your business card or promotional material.

    When you get stressed/tense the blood flows away from the skin and is diverted to your vital organs.

    This is when your fingertips/hands start to get cold. The stress square can pick up on this temperature change and display it as a colour.

    To get an idea of the size, here is an example of its use on my business card; the business card is standard wallet size.

    The liquid crystal stress square is very tough (can be reused again and again).

    It leaves no residue on the hand.

  • Inexpensive and tough

  • Temperature range of 10 degrees from 81 F to 91 F

  • Simply peel square off and apply

  • Stick the squares onto letterheads, business cards, or any promotional or advertising item.

    A simple biofeedback device.

    They are sold in multiples of 36.

    Customer Reviews

    I bought some stress squares, the product is very good, arrived very quickly and I think value for money - P Blake, Jersey

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    If you wish to buy in even larger quantities than shown above please contact me.

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