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Audio Samples

Style 1 -140 steps per minute Style 1 -140 steps per minute    Style 3 - 168 steps per miunute Style 3 - 168 steps per miunute    Style 4 - 196 steps per minute Style 4 - 196 steps per minute    

This music plays at a variety of beats/steps per minute for ultimate flexibility.

It is entitled Musacise and is in MP3 format.

Over 5 hours of music to download for one fantastic low price.

A distinct chime tells you when the next beat/step is.

Audio demonstration examples of different speads are shown at the top of the screen

All the music was composed by myself and the music tracks can be downloaded at many tempos. All this for one very low price.

Rather then produce dance songs, I have created stamina music. Music that will keep your endurance levels high.

Did you know most dance music wears you out?

This is because your heart synchs in with the drumbeat which means it is pumping at high speed for a long period of time. My music is designed so that you can run and dance to the beat, but remarkably your heart will not speed up with it.

You will not find any other music designed to do this.

Customer Reviews

I started with 140 bpm which seemed fast at the time, now I am using 154 bpm very comfortably and it is starting to seem a little slow, so I will probably be progressing to a faster bpm soon. I have tried various music at different beats, but yours is the most relaxing. I also never seem to tire of listening to it like I do with music, it is like a meditative mantra. I walk for exactly one hour 4 times a week. I turn around at exactly 30 minutes and I finish the second leg within seconds of my time for the first half. The beat keeps me that accurate. I am walking in two 5K's this weekend and your music will be with me every step of the way. I do hope you get the time to make more of this, I think I am addicted to it, because if my earphones fall out, I go frantic trying to get them back in. Thank you for assisting me in getting back in shape by producing a wonderful product....Carl Wilson

Feel your endurance increase.

For the single price below you will be emailed a link to download 4 different music tracks at tempos listed below. The tracks come in 5 minute and 2 minute durations.

That is 60 MP3 music files in all.

Once downloaded you can choose what you want and burn it onto audio CD or copy to your MP3 player. I have all the beats and different track lengths to suit your needs.

140 steps equates to running 4 miles an hour

154 steps equates to running 4.4 miles an hour

168 steps equates to running 4.8 miles an hour

182 steps equates to running 5.2 miles an hour

196 steps equates to running 5.6 miles an hour

And all at an amazing price

Your email is not given to anyone else and you can contact me through the link at the top of the screen with any other questions.

If you are unhappy with your product for any reason we offer full refunds.
  • Adherence to all relevant UK And EU laws with further benefits such as a 14 day 'cooling off' period
  • Total privacy of personal data and security of credit card handling
  • Clear presentation of all costs including delivery charges
  • Effective communication systems with name and address and contact phone number

MP3 link should be emailed within 5 minutes.

$7.95 US Dollars MP3 download

£3.95 Pounds (UK) MP3 download

Full Length MP3 Help and Information version

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