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Many sound machines have poor quality sounds.

The sound forms have to be stored in the sound machine's computer memory to keep costs low. This means the sounds produced sound artificial.

Listen to the audio demonstrations of the nature CDs I sell and you will notice the difference.

The natural sounds on the CD are of a high quality (unlike sound machines), so it sounds like you are outside encompassed in nature.

These CDs are 60 minutes in length and have no music.

When you listen to the CDs you can feel like you are in a rainforest, by a river, in the rain or caught in a thunderstorms. Simply look in the nature category in the menu at the top of the screen.

Relax to the beautiful sounds of nature. You can select a sound from the left hand column.

Many people use sound machines as maskers to help them sleep. These often sound artificial and annoying. I have another mechanism to help you sleep, my powerful Hypnosis Sleep CD.

Simply play it while in bed (with or without headphones) and drift off to a wonderful relaxed state into a gentle deep sleep.

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All the best

Charles Vald

If you are unhappy with your product for any reason we offer full refunds.
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Thunderstorm CD    Nature Sounds    
Thunderstorms    Sound of Rain CD    
Bird Song    Ocean Waves    
Fire CD    Gentle River Sounds    
Sounds of Wildlife by the River    Wind Nature CD    
Sounds of the Night - Nature    Wind Chimes MP3    
Nature Sound    Sound Machine    
Sounds of the Beach    Waterfall MP3 Nature Sound    
Rain with Gentle Thunder    The Sounds of Rain - Over 6 Hours of Nature Sounds    

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