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The Mindfold eye mask is different from the cheap, flimsy sleep masks you find in your local high street or on planes. I've tried some of those eye masks and none of them fully block out the light.

You will be able to experience total darkness even with your eyes completely open!

The MINDFOLD Relaxation Mask looks very different to other eye masks and there is a good reason for that.

Customer Reviews

Thanks for the 'Mindfold'. This product is just what I needed. Total blackout with eyes still open and very comfortable. Super quick shipping too - I will recommend your service to all - Martyn, Sandbach

I've used this eye mask for neuroscience experiments to block out light and I think it works really well, is comfortable, and the foam ring structure allows you to have keep eyes either open or shut without changes in comfort. Highly recommended! - H Gillmeiste, UK

Dear Charles, I use this mask while listening to mediation cd's and I also wear it when I sleep at daytime (I'm a CCU nurse). I would greatly recommend it, it's very comfortable and the fact that you can open your eyes, experience total dark and no light stimuli is very soothing. Thank you very much! - Corine Bohan, Hengelo, Netherlands

The mindfold mask is brilliant. Comfortable and does give total darkness. I am very pleased, Don - Cullompton

Received the Mindfold mask in a timely manner today - nicely protected, I noticed, within its own transparent, dust-proof, 'zipper' bag for storage when not in use. Very comfortable to wear (even more so once I'd figured out that part of the elasticated head strap does NOT remain across the front of the 'eye cups' when in use!) All in all the Mindfold mask [to coin a phrase] is already doing exactly what it says on the, er, leaflet, so much so that I'm even considering buying a couple more as gifts - Barry, Norwich, Norfolk

Mindfold eye mask, very comfortable, total blackout, best eye mask I have ever purchased. - I Mid, Sidcup

Bought the Mindfold eye mask for my partner who has trouble sleeping. He swears by it - saying it's comfortable and lets in no light at all. A womb-like environment! - Emma, Leeds

I ordered a Mindfold mask for a workshop at short notice and it arrived very quickly. It's a very good product too - comfortable, totally dark. Being able to have my eyes open and see nothing but total darkness was very enabling. Many thanks - Karen, Brighton.
This eye Mask uses high-density soft foam padding. The padding moulds to your face so that you can sit comfortably in total darkness with your eyes open. You won't feel any pressure on your face.

This eye mask will block out all light GUARANTEED!

MindFold Mask

A Velcro® head strap allows you to fit the Mindfold mask snuggly to your face. The mask is designed for you to wear for long periods of time.

No more loose or sagging mask problems!

  • Great for Travel
  • Perfect for Meditation
  • Comfortably Blocks All Light
  • Helps with Light Sensitive Migraines
  • Won't Smudge Eye Makeup
  • Aids in Relaxation and Sleep

  • This eye masks has been bought by customers for use when travelling, meditation. It has been used in primary and secondary schools, helping trainers teaching guide dogs for the blind, and in many different business and sporting fields.

    Before you buy have a look at Review of Eye Masks - choosing the best for you

    If you are after a gentle sound to go with the eye mask have a look at the nature CDs of the baby sleep CD.

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