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There are many ways to learn self hypnosis.

What I offer you is the fastest and simplest way.

My name is Charles and I am hypnotherapist specialising in healthcare and relaxation.

Self hypnosis is a wonderful sensation.

A great way to relax and it can also help with anxiety, stress, tension, health issues and much more.

How do I learn self hypnosis?

It's as simple as riding a bike, once you've learnt how to do it, you can use it anywhere for instant relaxation. It will change your life.

The quickest way to learn self hypnosis is through my Deep Relaxation Hypnosis CD it's a complete package all in one.

Once you purchase the audio CD, you simply play it and very soon you will experience the wonderfully deep hypnotic state.

It couldn't be simpler, your mind will learn what the feeling is like.

Once you mind has learnt the new skill of self hypnosis you will be taught how to get yourself into this state without the use of the CD.

This is done through a self hypnosis guide that explains how to get yourself into a hypnotic state, deeper, quicker and simpler.

Why not learn how to use the power of hypnosis the fast track way?

The CD also includes relaxing music composed by myself to help you practice your skills.

My guide will tell you what hypnosis is, teach you different methods of induction and relaxation, and explain many of its uses.

Go to the top of the page and look in the menu for other hypnnosis and relaxing products.

Warm regards

Charles Vald

If you are unhappy with your product for any reason we offer full refunds.
  • Adherence to all relevant UK And EU laws with further benefits such as a 14 day 'cooling off' period
  • Total privacy of personal data and security of credit card handling
  • Clear presentation of all costs including delivery charges
  • Effective communication systems with name and address and contact phone number

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