You are viewing the Seki Edge Clipper Set, this includes the the Seki Edge Toenail Clipper and the Seki Edge Fingernail Clipper.

Seki Edge are professional clippers made in Japan. They are designed to last, they are designed never to go blunt.

Manufactured by experienced Japanese craftsmen, the Seki Edge® Toenail Clipper is a premium grooming tool that is guaranteed to remain sharp and always deliver precise, clean and even trimming.

All Seki Edge nail clippers have a slight overbite on the "teeth", so the edges never touch. This design ensures a clean cut and everlasting sharpness.

The Toenail Clipper has a built-in nail catcher collects clippings for safe and easy disposal and both clippers comes with laser etched files and have hand crafted cutting edges.

Die-cast lever provides smooth, easy cutting action.

Customer Reviews

Well how do you get exited about something as mundane as toe, and finger nail clippers, let me tell you why. They are quite simply astounding, a product that just oozes quality, not surprising as they are made in Japan. Do not confuse this product for cheap Chinese junk. £26.95 may sound like a fair bit to spend on some nail clippers,but like the old saying goes you get what you pay for, and you most certainly do with these. They cut with the slightest effort, which for my Wife in particular with Osteoarthritis this is a Godsend. Buy them, without doubt the finest thing we have bought in a very long time, E Richards, Aberdovey

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