Meditation Music

Meditation Music needs to help focus and reduce awareness of everything else but yourself. There are many paths.

For your first path as a powerful introduction I would suggest the visual guided meditation CD

This is a CD with voice and carefully selected meditation to give you a very powerful meditation through the use of colours.

The next path for meditation is that of pure relaxation. One path to achieve this is the relaxing sounds of nature.

For many the most natural sound to the ear is that of water.

Have a look and listen to the sound of the ocean waves or the pure sound of the river.

Some find their path of meditation with the earthy tones of thunderstorms. The next path is through breathing, through a carefully designed alpha waves enhanced CD.

Breath of Time 3 - will teach you slow breathing which can automatically put you into a meditative state and help reduce blood pressure.

Another path to meditation is through the form of Singing Bowls. Wonderful wave forms are produced that gently sink deep into your whole body. If you wish choose the path of focusing on your Chakra then I would suggest the Music of the Chakra.

And for the final smooth relaxing experience into meditation music, have a listen to silk blanket or meditation instrumental.