New Age Music

You will find a vast range of new age music that can be be used for various purposes. You can buy my music in either US Dollars or British Pounds via card on the internet or telephone.

Free Swift postage anywhere in the world, first class in the UK, airmail overseas average time to the rest of the world 3-7 working days.

If you are new to this website after bookmarking it to make it easier to come back to, I would suggest you look at some of the most popular new age music cds.

The first is called Breath of Time, it actually teaches slow breathing with wonderful health benefits for you.

The second CD I suggest you look at is called vibration of the soul, if you are looking for something both powerful and calm then the power of the singing bowls will be perfect.

If you are a Reiki Therapist I have Reiki Music just for you and Chakra Music

And for the ultimate relaxation try out Intrumental Meditation or the beauty of life.

New age music in use by therapist and individuals all over the world.

New Age Music includes specially designed breathing exercise, yoga, meditation, hypnosis, relaxation, slowing the pulse and reducing blood pressure.

Every CD has an online audio demonstration so you can hear what you are going to buy.

I have put a lot of care into my work, I hope you enjoy my ambient, relaxing, soothing CDs as much as I did creating them.

Remember that these music CDs are specially designed with the utmost care and attention. They have been thoroughly tested and developed to ensure that all the pieces are of outstanding quality and unlike anything else on the market.

They are great to be used in your home as relaxation music, for self hypnosis, yoga, meditation or any other relaxing treatments.