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Looking for the highest quality, stereo Pillow Speakers in the UK?

These speakers can be used in bed to listen to voice or music with an amazing clarity that is lacking in most other similar products.

Manufactured to high specification, the SP-101 Sound Oasis Stereo Pillow Speakers will comfortably fit under a standard, queen, or king size pillow, at a volume level twice as loud as many of its competitors.

Each speaker is a mere 2cm deep, 5cm wide and 5cm long.

  • High fidelity, ultra-thin stereo speakers.

  • Durable, extra long 120cm cord length.

  • 2 watts output.

  • No batteries required.

  • Designed to focus sound in one direction(very little bleeding) so you can hear the sound clearly but not your partner in bed

These ultra thin high quality pillow speakers are connected via a standard 3.5 mm headphone socket. They will work connected to any device with a suitable output including MP3 and MP4 players, alarm clock radios and CD players. They are not suitable for children.

Free Bonus: Self Hypnosis "Help Sleep" CD (RRP £9.99)

Free Bonus: Nature Sounds "Gentle River recorded in Hertfordshire" CD (RRP £7.95)

Customer Reviews

Bought the pillow speakers for my partner who always needs soothing music to go to sleep to. He is totally impressed with them and so am I as it's the perfect compromise and the first time in years that I was able to go to sleep in total silence. A great product, thanks Charles - Michelle Evans, London

I purchased the Sleep Therapy Pillow Speakers and am very pleased with them. They don't require setting up just position them in the pillow plug into the music source and adjust the volume. The one thing I have to do is change some of the music I used, Rock does not aid sleep. The service was brilliant I received the item less than 24 hours after ordering them - Mr J Heavens, Rhyl

Excellent quick delivery. The pillow speakers are excellent quality. I have had 2 before (from different providers) and have not been able to hear them properly but these give excellent clear sound. Really pleased thankyou. - J Jarvis, Neston, UK

The speakers were very nicely packaged and performed very well situated beneath my pillow case and arranged according to the enclosed instructions. I found the CD very pleasing to listen to and fell asleep waking the next morning feeling refreshed after a good nights sleep. Thank you. - Richard, Gloucester

I recently brought the pillow speakers from this company,I had previously used a pillow with an intergrated speaker,and found that the pillow was far to soft and the speaker used to move around inside the pillow,so you would often find youself playing cat and mouse,which is the last thing you want to do at bedtime,so I have found this system much easier to use,I was also very impressed with the speed of service that I recieved from Hypnosis Healthcare and would use them again in the future - Steve, Hastings, UK

The sound is fantastic and taking into account the free CD, I would have to highly recommend this offer. - Mr M Lane, London, UK

Having bought the ultra thin stereo pillow speakers with the free CD in December, I have had the best nights sleep ever since. It was an excellent service and a great product...Thank you - Ann, St Leonards On Sea

Does exactly what I'd hoped... sufficient volume and good tone, and speakers fit neatly in pillowcase. I would certainly recommend these speakers to anyone suffering from insomnia - S Mann, London

Very quick delivery, ordered Stereo Pillow Speakers on a Monday they came Tuesday, next day. Having a speaker at each end of the pillow you loose no sound when you roll over. an excellent product & purchase, much needed. thankyou very much - David, Southport

Wish I had bought a set of these pillow speakers years ago. I think they are just great. I have been listening to sleep cd`s over the past couple of weeks and find the earphones uncomfortable, these pillow speakers will solve the problem.Thanks also for your fast delivery and excellent service - Mary, Aberdeen, Scotland

Really pleased with speakers - so much better than just having one. The CD is also very good - the speaker has a very clear claming voice - Suzanne, Newport

Have received the pillow speakers.What a good product.I am the mother/carer of a severely disabled young man.Listening to his music[wide and varied taste]helps him relax at night--and helps me!.The second pair drape over his neck support--so he can hear his books and music during the day--ear phones are impossible to keep secure. Many thanks M Harrison, Middle Rasen

Pillow Speaker Box

Comes with Bonus Hypnosis Sleep CD + Gentle River CD (not shown in in picture)

If you are unhappy for any reason we do offer a full refund. Postage is included in the price, any additional questions please contact us.

Always read instructions before use.

Not suitable for children.

If you are unhappy with your product for any reason we offer full refunds.
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