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If you want free metronome sounds to keep tempo and pace, then you have come to the right place.

Metronomes as you know are useful for keeping a regular tempo.

Below are links to metronome sounds at different tempos, the recording was taken from hitting two musical beaters together. If you find any problems with the recordings or suggestions please contact me and I will try my best to enhance them.

The metronome tempo should be fairly accurate, if you spot any problems with the tempos, or suggestions please contact me again and I will alter them, please compare them with other timing devices if you have any concerns.

I always suggest playing at low volumes.

Each download is 10 minutes in length, I have reduced the size of the MP3's by making them mono.

You have my permission to use these mp3s for your own personal use but not to re-sell them.

Please feel free to link to this page but not directly to the MP3's. The mp3 downloads or edits from them are not allowed to placed on any other webpage.

Metronome downloads

Metronome sound at 60 beats per minute

Metronome sound at 70 beats per minute

Metronome sound at 80 beats per minute

Metronome sound at 90 beats per minute

Metronome sound at 100 beats per minute

Metronome sound at 110 beats per minute

Metronome sound at 120 beats per minute

Metronome sound at 130 beats per minute

Metronome sound at 140 beats per minute

Play at low volume. Perfect for practising music and keeping beat.

Did you know that the metronome was invented in 1816? The new ones are more likely to be electronic rather than the manual tick tock.

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