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Meditation shares many similarities with hypnosis.

This is indeed very true in the first stages of Hypnosis, the induction.

In many forms of meditation you empty your mind.

This can be done by focusing on an object, saying a mantra, or simply letting thoughts roll into your mind and then gently letting them roll out.

In hypnosis, the therapist guides you into this relaxed state. By focusing on the voice of the therapist you are encouraged to relax and clear your thoughts.

This is why I feel hypnosis is so much easier than meditation. The hypnotherapist is someone to guide you over the first stepping stone. Clearing your mind and relaxing.

And that is why I produced the visual guided meditation CD.

On this CD I Use my knowledge of hypnosis to get you into a meditative state quickly. I then take you on a guided meditation and prepare you for deep meditation. To help you stay in a meditative state I have composed special music for the meditation.

Please have a look at my Visual Guided Meditation CD

I am sure you will agree this CD is something very relaxing and unique.

All the best


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