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Sample of Hypnosis Induction Track Sample of Hypnosis Induction Track    
We all have a nights when we can't sleep.

Often it is easy to know why.

You are excited, stressed, or had a nap during the day.

This is common and the insomnia usually stops after a couple of nights.

However, a few people have night after night of sleeplessness. If this is you, then this CD is perfect for you.

On the CD you will experience a brief introduction to hypnosis explaining what will happen during the CD.

This is followed by the relaxing induction, which has specially designed music that will help you drift off to sleep.

Listen to the recording of my voice at the top of the page.

If you find it comfortable then buy this CD.

My name is Charles Vald. I am a hypnotherapist based in North London and a member of the British Institute of Hypnotherapy.

Please look below at the testimonials.

They are all from people who have bought the sleep CD.

This CD has prevented and stopped many people from taking sleeping pills.

As I am sure you will agree, a natural sleep is the best sleep you can have and that is what I have given many of my customers.

You can use the CD with or without headphones.

Customer Reviews

The hypnotherapy Sleep CD is working perfectly. I am now 2 weeks sleeping well without even using it or any sleeping pills - Mike O'Brien

After several years of troubled sleep (caused by the stress of a long, traumatic divorce) I tried Charles Vald's insomnia CD and was very impressed by the results. I no longer have trouble getting to sleep and my quality of sleep is improving all the time - I used to wake up several times a night but now only once or twice. I find his voice extemely soothing and would recommend this CD to anyone who wants to find a natural sleep remedy that works. - Joanna

After more than 20 years of less than 2 hours consecutive sleep a night, I have just had 6 hours unbroken sleep and feel great. Many Thanks - M Lyon, Helensburgh

I am using this CD because of severe insomnia. After only 10 days I am already feeling the benefits. I'm not cured, but what sleep I do get is deeper and growing ever longer. I highly recommend this product to anybody sufferring from sleep deprivation - Lenny, St Albans

Fantastic it works a treat. Good delivery time to, well done!!! - Phil Holdstock

Success at last i have tried many sleep CDs, this is very very good. Joan Purditta

For years I had great difficulty in falling asleep and even greater difficulty in resuming sleep after waking in the night. Charles Vald's "Sleep Relief" CD has been wonderfully effective in solving these problems. Give yourself up wholly as Charles leads you to a totally relaxed sleep state. Highly recommend this product - Jason Boston,Grandview, Missouri, USA

After 15 yr sleep problems-Must admit I'm off Ambien thanks to this. Audrey Nandy

Best insomnia help yet. 8 hours sleep despite stress. penreader

Excellent - it sent me to sleep (its a miracle!!!!) joy

Worked from night one Thanks!!!- cat

Due to its nature this CD is very similar to my Deep Relaxation CD, buy the CD which is most specific for you.

For children who cannot sleep look at the Guided Bedtime Stories for Children in the menu.

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