I've spoken to hundreds of Tinnitus patients and I've conducted free trials to work out a good technique to help relieve Tinnitus. Now I've put this technique on a CD. I don't have a cure. Anyone advertising a product that will cure Tinnitus is lying, in the same way people advertising a cure for cancer or the common cold are lying. Spend a bit of time looking on the Independent Tinnitus Support Forums. See what the Tinnitus patients say about these so-called cures on the market.

In a few cases some Tinnitus is related to vitamin deficiency so eating some more fruit and vegetables can relieve the symptoms. Do not take supplements. Overdosing can cause more problems, which will just aggravate your Tinnitus. If you have not already done so, go to an ENT (Ear Nose and Throat Specialist).

Tinnitus is a sound in your head. There is the physical side to it and then there is the more serious psychological effect. When you first got your Tinnitus your feelings were probably of anxiety, tension or you were scared. Our senses are important to us and when any of them goes wrong we worry. Unfortunately, you have now automatically associated your Tinnitus with feeling anxious and tense.

Even though you have been told by your ENT that your Tinnitus will not harm you, it will not affect your life span or your health, you know on a mental / psychological level that is exactly what it has done.

The steps taken to habituate your Tinnitus sound are not difficult to learn. I have already helped many patients with my relaxing habituation CD. You will be shown how to block your Tinnitus from your conscious perception. I have designed special soothing Tinnitus Frequency matched music to go with the CD to help calm down your Tinnitus..

There is an hypnosis induction track on the CD in which I also teach you fast track self hypnosis orientated towards Tinnitus.

What I offer is a way to live life as you did before your Tinnitus. I can show you the mechanism with the audio demonstrations. I can give you tools that help. My Tinnitus Relief CD isn't expensive. You've most likely already spent a lot of money trying to alleviate your Tinnitus. Now it is time to work out how to live with it, how to get back to normal. It is up to you. If you are ready to accept it then I will teach you the mechanisms to learn to live with your Tinnitus.

With the techniques taught on the CD you will learn what to do, a few weeks is all it takes, and a minimum of twenty minutes a day. Part of the course is teaching self hypnosis. It means anytime of day, when the Tinnitus is getting bad, you can do something about it, rather than grit your teeth. Self hypnosis is very easy to learn. You only have to trust yourself. The worse that can happen, well, you fall asleep; and for some people that is exactly what they are after. Once you learn self hypnosis you won't forget it, something you can use for the rest of your life, in every aspect of your life. One of the demonstrations on the next page is actually a small self hypnosis session for you to try out absolutely for free.

The CD also works on a physical level. As I am sure you know, there are many causes of Tinnitus. When you are tense the awareness of your Tinnitus fluctuates, normally higher. The CD will teach you deep self hypnosis for relaxation. So, if your Tinnitus has any physical element such as muscle tension, you will be able to soothe this. What I want for the patients is to be able to live life as they did before their Tinnitus. When you buy the product I will also be emailing you asking questions, giving you support, telling you other ways in which you can calm down your Tinnitus.

Tinnitus Hypnosis Relief CD and Guide

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