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Hypnosis Childbrith CD and Birthing Music CD Set

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Sample of Hypnosis Induction Track Sample of Hypnosis Induction Track    
My name is Charles Vald.

I am a hypnotherapist specialising in health care and a father of a happy boy and baby daughter.

Most of my specialised hypnosis techniques are not in use by other hypnosis childbirth therapists.

The product was created for my wife when she was pregnant with our son.

Women who use hypnosis during childbirth usually experience

  • Less pain

  • Have quicker Birth on average by 2 hours

  • Happier Baby and Mum

  • It can be used during all trimesters and of course during the important birth.

    Listen to the recording of my voice. at the top of the page. If you find it comfortable then buy this CD.

    A hypnotherapist specialising in childbirth will charge 500 UK pounds / 1000 US dollars

    Group hypnosis birthing session cost 300 UK pounds / 600 US dollars

    My complete package as described below costs dramatically less with even better results because you will be learning the technique from the comfort of your own home.

    Read the testimonials further down the page

    The knowledge you will obtain from my Childbirth CD and Guide and more (see below) uses the latest advanced techniques.

    So what do I provide?

    The hypnosis childbirth CD will be posted free worldwide.

    The CD on its own will teach you how to dramatically reduce the pain of birth. It will give you a feeling of deep calmness during all the trimesters and the birth, but you will get a lot more than this.

    You will find the CD will help through all the trimesters, be it the first, second or third.

    When you are relaxed your baby is happy.

    You will both feel:

  • Calm

  • Content

  • Happy

  • I have even had testimonials saying my CD has reduced morning sickness.

    The CD has a lot more on it.

    You will learn my fast track self hypnosis skills.

    With this you will be able to relax yourself during pregnancy, birth and beyond in a matter of seconds.

    The CD has been specially designed relaxing alpha wave enhanced music to both calm you and the baby. This was created by myself for this purpose.

    When you are relaxed, your baby inside of you is content.

    After the birth the CD on the music can then be used to help calm your baby, enhancing well being.

    And there is more.

    You will also be emailed a guide to show how to use the CD during pregnancy and birth.

    If you have a birth partner s/he will want to be able to help, and be involved.

    The guide explains exactly how your birth partner can help by encouraging you to relax and calm you more.

    It is all simple and straightforward to use.

    No waffle, just information and facts that will help you during pregnancy and birth.

    I know you will find the CD and Guide of tremendous help and it is all covered by a money back satifaction guaranteed.

    Because you are buying from a person not a company selling a hypnosis CD, I will be able to answer any additional questions you have.

    The guide has been updated many times but if you have any questions at all during your pregnancy, simply email me and I will answer.

    I pride myself on my customer service and quick response.

    If you have any questions you would like answered, simply contact me through the menu.

    This product and techniques learnt from it is in use by many midwives in England, America and Australia

    You will be taught relaxation techniques that will reduce your stress, tension, and anxiety during pregnancy and the birth; most importantly you will be taught the use of hypnosis pain control and relief with stunning results.
    Customer Reviews

    Hi Charles, just thought I would email and let you know that I have now given birth to a lovely baby boy called Oliver. The Hypnosis techniques really helped as I feel I would have panicked a lot more if I hadn't had practiced them before the birth. Once again thanks Charlotte Brown, UK

    It's great! Thank you - Anne Bell, Luton, UK

    Received with thanks, already feeling relaxed! - Janice Coston, Chester.

    Guys work is superb. Buy and you will see why..EXCELLENT!! A+++ (from ebay user)

    I bought your CD on ebay last year but have only just got round to thanking you, how can a small person take up so much time! Thanks to your CD I managed to stay calm and focused during the birth of my second child and even managed to welcome the contractions. I achieved the home birth that I wanted, was in labour for only an hour and a half and managed with just a TENS machine, which was more for entertainment value as i kept getting tangled in the wires. I'm sure it has benefited my baby too as he is generally a very relaxed and happy little boy.
    Thank you so much for enabling me to make the birth of my baby such a positive experience - Yvonne Annete

    Even if you buy this at the end of your third trimester it will still be effective.

    Charles Vald Bsc(Hons)

    Hypnosis is an effective method of relieving pain in childbirth without altering the normal course of labour. - British Medical Association

    Research studies have shown again and again the same benefits of hypnosis during childbirth. The length of labour is reduced on average by 3 hours - Jenkins, MW and Pritchard, MH. Br J of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

    Even if you don't buy this CD, I have a list of useful tips and advice for your newborn.

    Tips and advice to help you with your newborn baby

    The price you pay includes free support.

    I will email you the guide and you can then simply email me any questions and ask for advice or support.

    If you are unhappy with your product for any reason we offer full refunds.
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