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My name is Charles Vald.

I am hypnotherapist and together with my wife who is a trained school teacher we have produced a series of wonderful, gentle meditations for kids.

What makes these CDs so special is that they were designed to help children sleep. The CDs do this through introducing relaxation exercises followed by a guided story.

No hypnosis is used on the CD, just simple relaxation exercises followed by beautiful guided imagery that all children enjoy and love.

The best way to introduce kids to a lovely relaxed state of meditation

By the end of the CD the child will fall fast asleep.

I have had reports in my testimonials that it also increases concentration, focus and happiness.

The CDs can also be used in schools for relaxation.

What I feel is the most important use for the CDs is for your child to enjoy listening to them.

From flying with fairies, to swimming with the dolphins, to going to a farm, there is a CD there to interest any child.

The CDs can be used for children between the ages of 4-12, however I have had children younger than 4 use the CD if they have a good Vocabulary and comprehension.

Read testimonials and specific CD information and purchasing through the menu.

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