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The article below was written by Jason's Delacey and his personal experiences of getting his children to sleep.

I love my kids I really do, but my goodness the lack of sleep used to kill me. There would be some nights when I would pray to the goblin king to take my son away (if you have seen the movie labyrinth this makes sense. If not I am aware I sound like a weirdo) Anyway getting your kids to sleep through the night can be a right nightmare. So I wanted to share my experiences with it.
Now I am not going to sit here and tell you what worked for me will 100 percent work for you because all kids are different. But I at least want to share with you what I did and how I got through getting my kids to sleep through the night.

Stick To A Routine

I am amazed at how many young kids do not have a set bed time and instead go to bed whenever. In my house my son would be bathed, story time and then bed. It was the same routine pretty much every night. And it worked, he knew after story time it was bed time. If you just let your kids do what they want each night then it can be tough to persuade them to go to bed without a big fight.

Let Em Cry

This may sound harsh and my wife was dead against this at first, but it worked for us. Your kid will cry, cry, cry and cry some more to try and emotionally blackmail you into getting them out of bed. All parents know the difference between a real cry and a cry just because they do not like something. I say stick to it let them cry it out and after a while they will get the message. Just be warned though this is much easier said than done. And my wife would be dying to go in there pick him up and cuddle him. Well if you do this a couple of times of course the kid is going to try it every night. I think its important to let them know as early as possible that bed time = sleep time.

Do Not Tip Toe Around

Now I need to give my sister credit for this one. Many people make the mistake of tip toeing around when there baby is sleeping. This I have learned thanks to my eldest son can lead your kid to be a really light sleeper when they get a bit older.
Now I am not saying start banging drums or anything like that when your baby is asleep, but go about your normal business like you normally would and this may help them be better sleepers in the long run.

Hey If All Else Fails.......... There is Always Bribery.

My second son was a great sleeper. Until he got to about 3 then he would be up and down all night for some reason. We are really not sure what the heck started this, but it was brutal. We tried everything. As he was older we could not just leave him as he could now get out of his bed and room all by him self. One time I found him downstairs and he casually asked me if I had a spoon for his yoghurt.

In the end I had to resort to bribery. My son loves Sonic The Hedgehog(tm) so we made a chart and told him for each night he did not wake up he would get a star and if he managed seven nights then he would get a brand new Sonic The Hedgehog soft toy. If he did wake up then he would lose a star. I swear to god this pretty much worked instantly. Now Sonic The Hedgehog is not the key just use whatever your kid is into. But do not be ashamed to try something like this.

Try And Stay Calm

I have heard some real horror stories about peoples kids not sleeping, but do trust me it will eventually work its self out. But in the meantime just make sure you try and stay as calm as possible.

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