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I am looking at composing my latest breathing cd for lowering blood pressure and fur use in meditation/hypnosis. Currently my breath of time 3 cd has the period of time between you breathing in breath and out breath as the same. Audio demo through the link below After feedback from customers people would like me to go a stage futher. They would like the breath in length duration to be different from the length of time we breath out. So I am trying to work out what people feel is the most comfortable and relaxing breathing in and out ratio, or if there are a few which need to be added to the new CD. so from the start of a intake of breath how long do you feel comfortable with? And then when releasing the breath how long do you feel is comfortable? Any other advice or questions please post. Warm regards and thanks CharlesHi Charles When inducing trance or even a relaxed state I ask my clients to count to seven on the in-breath and eleven on the out-breath. Thus increasing oxygen and reducing carbon dioxide. If they can't manage 7/11 we start off with 5/9 and build up to 7/11 Hope that this is some help best regards, Julie (

Hi Charles.. :) I would suggest the principle of slow count..three in..pause for two..five out..pause for two to three..this feels about right for me. When the rhythm kicks in well the rate can slow..with increased pauses.. As Julie shows longer counts..I find her correct as I give a slow count I feel we are more or less in alignment .. I hope this helps also..! Quest :D (Quest)

[color=indigo:2d3145c169][/color:2d3145c169] Hi Charles, :D We as Reiki practitioners have found that a slow count as Quest suggested works best for our clients. The deeper our clients go into medative state during a treatment depends on the individual. However the correct choice of music for a specific client has also shown to help with said breathing rate. Hope this has been any help. :D (tabitzah1)

Hi Charles, I find I'm pretty much in line with Julie's count. In: 7 Out: 10 Pause: 1 HTH. Warmest regards, Terry (terryc)

I'm with Julie and Terry: In 7 out 10 or 11 :) (Purple)

thanks for all your help so far. Here is an audio demonstration of a 7 breath in 11 breath out. What do people think? Obviously the final cd will have different rates. and the next questions is should it just be the tones or have gentle music. (charles vald)

Maybe should be 10 out as some of you have suggested. (charles vald)


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