Praying scientific study, what do you think?`

I must add that this is a single study What do you people think? I feel it relates to people being worried if they are being prayed for.Well I am surprised by that I was expecting the report to say the 3rd group healed quicker. But I think I agree with the reason why. As heart surgery is quite major and for patients there is the obvious question 'am I going to survive this?' to know that people are praying underlines the fact that this is indeed worrying surgery. Worry as we know can cause many health problems. However I think that in less worrying situations knowing that someone is praying can be a positive thing and not lead to more concern. (if u get my drift) Personally I would rather hear that someone was thinking of me and sending their good wishes. I have indeed been in situations when someone has said that they were praying for me and I remember thinking that it reaffirmed the seriousness of the problem. Interesting article Charles. Sharon (Sunbeam)


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