[b:763ac0da70]Competition[/b:763ac0da70] After 4 months of re-recording, rewriting, improving and enhancing, my latest yoga/relaxation album is now complete. Now I need your help. I need you to come up with titles for the CD tracks and how you came up with the name for the track From it I hope to the title of the album will emerge. If any of the track titles you suggest below are used in the album I will post you a free copy of the completed album and as an extra thank you your name will be mentioned on the back cover. This competition ends Wednesday Night UK time The audio demonstrations are at a lower quality than the final CD but it should give you a feel. Any other comments, suggestions, questions, ideas are gladly welcome but please post on the board to produce more group involvement. Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4 Track 5 Track 6 Track 7 lovely relaxing music Charles, well done. Cant come up with anything much at the moment though with regard to names except the first one made me feel very relaxed and dreamy - so I thought of Dreamtime, but I think that may have been used before somewhere! (Purple)

Hello Charles You have worked hard on this one and the tracks are lovely. I particularly liked track 1 and track 3. I have come up with some titles and I will try and detail what moved me to the decision, here goes: Track 1 'Floating Home' As soon as I heard this I thought of a great expanse of calm water and each time I played it I felt the same. But it was as if I was on a raft or a small boat and I was being gently blown towards the shore to my relaxing home with the family. Track 2 'The magic of the cave' This was the hardest track to title because it started in a haunting way and opened up almost revealing something. My 8 year old daughter was listening at the time and she said 'that sounds like magic'. So we have the darkness of a cave moving into sections of glistening crystals. Track 3 'A lotus welcome' This reminded me of looking up into a hilltop village across the paddyfields. Track 4 'Sunrise in the Andes' In the mountains of the andes with the beautiful subtle sound of a panpipe. The music hints at being morningtime to me with the animals waking. Track 5 'On the wing of an eagle' There was no doubting that when I listened to this I was airborne flying high above hills and feeling the warm air gently lifting me higher. Track 6 'Japanese Tea Garden' I could see white pebbles, a little stream, Acer trees and bamboo leading me to a courtyard where soft cushions were layed on a wooden floor and a pot of green tea was steaming with a small white cup waiting for me. There was a smell of rose in the air. Track 7 'Evening across the outback' This time the sun is going down and the animals are slowing down. A fire has been lit and local people are gathering around to talk and hug discussing the day. The feeling is one of warmth and friendliness. Hope this helps in your quest. :) Sharon (Sunbeam)

thanks for your help so far, don't worry about a track name beind used on another album, all titles are going to be used somewhere else, we only have so many words in the english language. Charles (charles vald)

Hi Charles.. :D I love this music..fantastic.. Here are the names gifted me.. First Breath. The Dawn.. The Sacred Garden.. Early Dance.. Dreams of Angels.. Wisdom of the Seer.. Celebration .. Thanks for the opportunity to take part in the competition.. Love the tracks they are amazing.. Len :P :D :shock: (Quest)

Wow, what great suggestions for names! (Purple)

Some wonderful ideas above. Creativity isn't my strong point but I did find all the tracks had an element of strengthening in them as well as the relaxing qualities - maybe something to do with centering? (sueZanna)

[u:12595a7a7d]Track 1 After the Rush Hour[/u:12595a7a7d] I felt like this is a relaxation melody that would be appropriate to help unwind after a hard day’s work. [u:12595a7a7d]Track 2 Star Gazing[/u:12595a7a7d] This for me has a slight cosmic feel. [u:12595a7a7d]Track 3 Oriental Dreams[/u:12595a7a7d] The notes in this melody made me think of Oriental music. [u:12595a7a7d]Track 4 Mountain Breeze[/u:12595a7a7d] This made me think of looking out over a canyon hearing distant melodies over the breeze. [u:12595a7a7d]Track 5 Awakening[/u:12595a7a7d] I felt like this tune would help open my mind to what the day has in store for me. [u:12595a7a7d]Track 6 Soul Journey[/u:12595a7a7d] This gave me a feeling of making a journey and discovering new things about myself and life in general. [u:12595a7a7d]Track 7 Tribal Expressions[/u:12595a7a7d] This melody has many tribal links for me. These of course are just how the individual melodies made me feel. A great selection of tunes to meditate, relax or just chill out whilst doing chores to. I hope that the Album is a success Charles. (Debbie)

These are really quite lovely and relaxing pieces, Charles. I enjoyed them a lot. I wish you great success with this CD which clearly conveys hard work and considerable artistic sensibility. The following possible titles popped into my mind although I know the samples are only snippets of the complete songs. Track 1: Floating on Bliss Track 2: Serene Sunrise Track 3: Lotus Heartstrings Track 4: Dawn in the Temple Track 5: Hearts in Harmony Track 6: Raindrops on Rose Petals Track 7: The Awakening Forest Warm regards, Peter Senior (Peter World Citizen)

Thank you everyone so far, for all your suggestions. This is going to be very hard. Deadline as you know is Wednesday 31st May evening UK time. Maybe I should do this with all my music releases. Warm regards Charles (charles vald)

1. Dreamtime ( Made me feel all dreamy ) 2. Okinawa Dawn ( Okinawa is a small flowering cherry tree, contemplating this growing in a Zen garden ) 3. Japanese Garden ( sounded very oriental and I just imagined being in a beautiful japanese garden ) 5. Tunisian Prayer ( made me think of a tunisian temple we once visited. ) 6. Chesapeake canoe journey. ( courtesy of hubby ) 7. 'Maouri Dawn' or 'Corroboree' or 'Caribberie' ( Aboriginal Song and Dance by Real Australia Aboriginal ) Sorry, am a complete blank on number 4 !!!! :) (Purple)

Thank you everyone for posting, the competition is now ended. Now comes the hard part. Charles (charles vald)

The title of the album is Nature Speaks 1 First Breath (10 minutes 36 seconds) 2 The Magic of the Cave (5 minutes 14 seconds) 3 Japanese Garden (11 minutes 12 seconds) 4 Mountain Breeze (4 minutes 30 seconds) 5 On the Wing of an Eagle (13 minutes 56 seconds) 6 Soul Journey (5 minutes) 7 The Awakening Forest (10 miutes 24 seconds) A deep thank you to my wife, Rachael for coming up with the name of the album. I would like to thank the following people from the for coming up with the titles of the songs Len Leaper (track 1), Sharon Boulter (track 2), Ally Nordbruch-Goode (track 3), Deborah Hadon (track 4), Sharon Boulter (track 5), Deborah Haden (track 6) , Peter Senior (track 7) (charles vald)

Brilliant - some great names! :) Love the name of the album Rachel! (Purple)

That looks like a good CD its all come together rather well and the title wraps it all up nicely. 'A meeting of minds' It was lovely to see you have used a couple of titles that I suggested. Thank you. It came as a nice surpise after a difficult week. My Nan has been rushed into hospital with a blood clot behind the eye. My Dad has been rushed into hospital with a blood clot on the lung and I am going into hospital tomorrow for a small operation. Pheww ! :( Thanks alot for that exciting e mail Charles, it came at the right time :) Sharon (Sunbeam)

You've had a rough week, have a swift op tomorrow. (charles vald)

A very aptly named title and a lovely selection of names which fit very well the songs and the relaxing/yoga theme. I hope this album will do very well Charles! Sorry to hear about your challenges Sunbeam. I'll be rooting for you. Peter (Peter World Citizen)

Hi Charles.. :) Thank you so much for the lovely is wonderful...I think I was a bit lucky to find one of the titles.. Sharon.. :D Wishing you well for all you find.. Love and Light Len :D :P :P (Quest)

I have received a copy of the CD today also and want to say a very big Thank you - for choosing one of the names I thought of, and for the copy of the CD - it is beautiful and just what I need right now. :D (Purple)

Thank you all for your good wishes I am back on my feet :D Thank you Charles for the CD it has been well used. I played it during a meal with friends the other night and they all commented at how lovely it was. I duly advertised it for you ! 8) Sharon x (Sunbeam)

Thanks sunbeam. That is really sweet of you. Glad things are back on track. Have a good weekend Charles (charles vald)

the link to cd is as below (charles vald)


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