Hayfever revisited

Well the pollen is out in force, like last year I have 2 suggestions to help during this summer hayfever season. If you have any others/sugestions please post below. There are two products that my wife and myself recommend. Nazalese http://www.nasaleze.com/ And haymax http://www.haybalm.f2s.com/ They are not cures but for us anyway pretty close too. Have a good summer CharlesThanks Charles, I might get the Haybalm in as a precaution. Am usually fine but if I go anywhere new and there are different pollens, it can be a different story for a few days. And I much prefer natural to chemical based. I am happy to keep something in the car as a precaution. Blessings Joy (JoyB)

hey all just to let you know there's a forum dedicated to hayfever sufferers everywhere, its at http://www.hayfeverforum.co.uk jon (shabbadoof13)

Thanks for that jon. An interesting site. (rachael)


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