Passive smoking with Children

I am sure you have all seen it, the parents taking their newborn out for a walk while smoking. I know it is outside so the amount of cigarette smoke the child is inhaling is hopefully reduced, however I always felt/hoped that at the minimum they wouldn't be smoking inside the house. Well after this reports findings I am sure they do. If you have a child who has been sick how on earth can you smoke close to them? is just so bad ! When I was a kid my bruv and I were taken to a social club every other night. The smoke was so thick we use to have to keep going out the front cos our eyes would sting and burn. When we went to bed my eyes would runwith tears from the pain. It was awful. My chest problems are already there. I keep my kids well away from other peoples smoke. It makes me sad to read this, especialy what we all know now about passive smoking. :cry: Sharon (Sunbeam)

This is very sad indeed. Personally as an always non smoker I have never been attracted to smokers so have not had the worry of living with a smoker. However, my husband's mother smoked and we found our little one came home smelling of smoke, it was upsetting and difficult but we mentioned it to her as our daughter has been in hospital with Pneumonia and asthma 4 times from the age of 2 yrs. Nanna not only stopped smoking when our daughter was there but managed to give up completely after nearly 45 yrs of smoking so her health has been affected for the better too! :D (Purple)


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