Sleep Paralysis

I was tired when I went to sleep last night. I am not sure when during the night but I woke up, well sort of. I couldn't move any muscles and was still dreaming, and yet not. I knew I was dreaming and that I was in my bed as well, I was talking in the dream and thought I would wake up my wife and even felt like my wife was telling me to wake up. As you might be aware during a part of REM sleep your body is immobilised to help prevent you harming yourself, so I knew at the time what was happening and found it fascinating. After a minute of focused effort I woke up resting comfortably in my bed. What have you experienced during sleep, anything similar to this or something else? Have you ever been able to Lucid Dream?Never had this Charles. Often have dreams that I know are dreams and desperately want to wake up from them but can't seem to - scarey ones! Not very nice. :( (Purple)

If I recall I remember someone mentioning that if you are in a dream and you are not sure if you are in a dream, simply try turning on a light. In a dream the contrast doesn't change, hence you know, however I doubt this is very easy. Anyone have any ideas of how to wake up from a bad dream? (charles vald)

the opposite of what you describe, the other end of dificulty distinguishing between reality and dream state. I jumped out of bed early this morning convinced that the doorbell had rung, and I needed to dash to the door quick because my partner was out. but no-one was there, I'd dreamt it. I'm needing long afternoon rest periods ATM, and yesterday laid in bed for hours, not asleep, yet not exactly awake either - drifting, with unconscious thoughts and feelings, flickering light and vision, unable to shut out daylight and fully enter into sleep and rest. I've had odd experiences with awareness and paralysis with opiods for pain relief e.g. thinking I am aware, but being unable to speak, and seeing myelf and the room from aove. weird ! I decided I'd rather put up with pain ! sorry no tips on how to pull yourself out of bad dreams :( - (blue-kat)


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