Have you heard of anything as yucky or unhealthy?

In Scotland there have been rumours for many years of fish and chip shops selling fried mars bars, and now things seem to have got one step worse. A menu has been posted through my door from a local Indian Tandoori, it's name being Balti Hut (in North London) For 5 pounds 95 pence (12 US dollars you can buy a Chocolate Curry, yes I did say a Chocolate curry. It has been described as a blend of cream, coconut, chocolate and herbs. Can anyone top this for such horrible or unhealthy dish? Do you think I should order one to see what it looks like?OOOOh thats disgusting ! R U going to order it to look at or taste ? I suppose it depens how much choc is actually in it. Some mexican savoury dishes have a small amount of choc in but I mean small. Then that comes from the Aztecs. What is the Indian excuse ? Not for me Sharon (Sunbeam)

They state "A completely new experience in Indian cuisine awaits you, providing not only traditational popular dishes but also our own exciting new recipies. The quality of our cuisine and service will far supass anything you may have sampled before." (charles vald)

'Far surpass anything you have sampled before' Well yes I expect it would !! :lol: Sharon (Sunbeam)

so you do not want a chocolate curry then? (charles vald)

Nope, can't say I do ! And that coming from a chocaholic ! I think the worst thing I ever tasted was cold melted goats cheese on fried tomatoes with marmalade and cointreau on top. Believe me it didnt say that on the menu. Needless to say I couldnt eat much of it before making my excuses to visit the ladies. Sharon x (Sunbeam)

Well, I love chocolate but I don't fancy any of that thanks Charles . Ewwww! :? (Purple)

So no-one can give me a viable reason to buy a portion? (charles vald)

You could buy a portion as a research project and let us know your results ! :lol: Sharon (Sunbeam)

I aggree with Sahron, if you need an excuse to buy some Charles, you should go ahead and research it all for the good of your forum users and report back so we can be well informed!!! Be a 'mystery shopper' and a 'taste tester' for us :D (Purple)

I was really after someone else tasting it... (charles vald)

Well, no volunteers here - sorry :roll: (Purple)


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