Mobile Phones are they safe

Does anyone know if mobile phones are safe for long term use or not? There has been so much conflicting information, if I recall the latest information is that there is no health risk, does anyone else know?The latest information I heard was that they were safe but to be honest I really do not know :!: (Purple)

I do recall that with the first mobile i bought when they were larger I seem to get headaches after using it for a while. This could be more to do with its weight than anything else as this hasn't happened with the more modern phones not that I use it a lot. (charles vald)

I raely make calls on my mobile but text more than anything else. Would that make a difference do you think? I can't remember exactly but got a feeling when 'they' first stated they were harmful that it was more to do with the phone being near the head a lot. Do you know any more about this? Do you think that would mean that texting is not harmful, or less so, as the phone is not held by one's ear?? (Purple)


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