Water Filters

I've got one those water jugs that you keep in the fridge and fill from the tap. I'm now thinking of getting a water filter that connects to your cold water pipe under the sink. Has anyone got one and would you recommend it? If so, what do I look for? Needless to say there is a bewildering choice on the internet! ThanksNot got one myself but my sister had one fitted when she had her new kitchen put in. She has separate tap for it and everything , just asked but she knows nothing about it to be abel to recommend what to lok out for but says water tatses nicer! Sorry not much help!! :roll: (Purple)

Thank for this. I'll let you kno if I find out any more elsewhere. (Dave T)

we've been considering getting plumbed in water filter fitted too. I'll lookout details of the system my parnter thought was best. I don't understand the science bit at all, and would want to taste a sample of the water before committing. having a decent water flow is important, I think some of the cheaper systems only supply a trickle. - Katya (blue-kat)


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