Important Information about Sneezing.

I was listening to the radio and heard some vital news. It seems a lot of people injure themselves each year with sneezing. Injuries include hernia, muscle tears, hip damaged, nausea, inner ear damage including tinnitus, lung injuries and much more. Basically when you sneeze if you try and hold it in, the body has to absorb the shock and that's how the damage occurs. Supressed sneezing is bad. The best advice was to never ever hide a sneeze, sneeze straight ahead and be proud of it. Rumours state that if possible sit down in a chair holding the arms of the chair reduces the damage even more, however I couldn't find anymore info on the net.Well, I can really believe this. Sneezes are very powerful and very very noisy, here at the moment James is sneezing and he doesn't hold anything in !!!! :lol: Sooooo loud is he that I often end up with a headache when he has a cold and doesn't stop! Seriously, and the bed rocks too! (Purple)


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