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In a test in America they added folic acid to bread and it had reduced birth of many handicapped babies with no side effects. Do you think this is right? What about other suppliments that might be missing due to poor diet, if in doing so it helps the health of the nation and the cost to us. Is this right or wrong, is there a human rights issue?So they did this without people's knowledge? I suppose one could say there is a human rights issue as we are entitled to know exactly what we are eating and have the right of choice. However a lot of people do not bother to look at ingredients to know what they are eating anyway. There again there are a lot more people nowadays who do! I think though that it has shown how important folic acid is in pregnancy and so the test in that respect is good. If they produce this bread all the time for people to choose that would be great. However I have read that one needs to be taking folic acid ideally [b:79d81bf803]before[/b:79d81bf803] getting pregnant as well as during the first trimester. This is fine if one is planning a baby and informed before hand but lots of babies are also 'surprises' By the way, without meaning to sound dictatorial, I have done a lot of work with people with a disability and many of them do not like the term 'handicaped' as it's implication and true definition means 'hand - in - cap' like they are begging. Some years ago now I worked with a group of people with disabilites and they were instrumental in deciding that they, as a group of people would rather be refered to as 'disabled' meaning they are not 'able' in everyway ( which refers to all of us really doesn't it?! ) Here is a quote for you: "Although handicapped is widely used in both law and everyday speech to refer to people having physical or mental disabilities, those described by the word tend to prefer the expressions disabled or people with disabilities. Handicapped, a somewhat euphemistic term, may imply a helplessness that is not suggested by the more forthright disabled. It is also felt that some stigma may attach to the word handicapped because of its origin in the phrase hand in cap, actually derived from a game of chance but sometimes mistakenly believed to involve the image of a beggar. The word handicapped is best reserved to describe a disabled person who is unable to function owing to some property of the environment. Thus people with a physical disability requiring a wheelchair may or may not be handicapped, depending on whether wheelchair ramps are made available to them. " I also have a particular aversion myself to saying " disabled" as in: "I am disabled" means 'disabled = me!' I would rather " I am a person who has a disability" Oh Goodness Charles! I'm on my soap box! :oops: Sorry! Not meaning to be bossy just sharing my knowledge and feelings! (Purple)

Well I have a disability, so what should I call it :) You cannot win :) At least children these days are more tolerant. (charles vald)

[quote:a87f2b8e93="charles vald"]Well I have a disability, so what should I call it :) [/quote:a87f2b8e93] Me too! Call it what you feel comfortable with, that's the most important thing. I was just expressing my views :) (Purple)

How about just DB, I'm sure others will have better names. (charles vald)


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