Alcohol is it good for you?

The latest scientific reports statse that whatever the medical benefits there are to drinking alchohol e.g. red wine they are outweighed by the medical harm they can cause. So basically they are saying alchohol isn't good in whatever quantity... When do you think the next report will be out disagreeing with this? How much do you drink?My wife and I decided to prepare early for Christmas. In November we bought all the family's presents and food/drink that will not go off. We now finished all the drink so I've got to get some more. I guess that means we drink too much! I'll leave it to last minute this time around. (Dave T)

After a stag weekend in Prague many years ago and vast quantities of abysnth I seem to be able to tolerate alcohol less and less to such a point I rarely drink any, feeling ill afterwards. I will soon be creating a hypnosis cd to help alcoholics. I feel this is one of the hardest CD's to produce but if it helps some it is worthwhile, I presume they would only be using the CD if they admit they have a problem to themselve which is hard in itself, you have both the psychological and the physical side to deal with, similar to smoking. So what do others feel is the defintion of a alcholic? (charles vald)

I do not actually drink any alcohol at all! This is not because I have amazingly fantastic self control though but merely because I have never liked it - any of it ! I do have my vices in food. As for wether or not alcohol is good for one or not I really do not know the answer to that. My opinion is that probably most things are OK in moderation! (Purple)

[quote:380e78a685="charles vald"]How much do you drink?[/quote:380e78a685] I don't drink any alcohol at all now. I gave it up around 8 years ago and feel much better without it. I don't miss it, but my friends seem to think it is their duty for me to 'have just one'. Weird how people feel threatened if you do not follow the herd........ I do believe, however, that the odd glass of red wine, particualarly after a rich meal, or an occasional 'hot toddy' before bed has many medicinal properties that outweight the harm. wingsoflove (wingsoflove)

Even a single glass of red wine is felt by one team of experts (meaning there are other teams who might disagree) that the wines benefits to be little compared to the harm. Here is a link from the daily mail. (charles vald)

I don't drink any alcohol, mainly because I don't like the taste of it, it's too bitter. However, I don't mind it in food or in chocolates so long as it is sweet. I've had quite a few cherry brandy choccies today :) My fiance, on the other hand, swears by a glass of red wine a day. He thinks that it is good for your health, but doesn't drink it for the health benefits, but mainly because he likes it. I think that everything is bad for you if you have too much of it. (Izzy)


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