Get Better Soon Purple

As some of you might have read on the general chat forum, Purple has been in for an op, with Morton's Neuroma ~ a benign cyst between her toes - which has been causing her a lot of pain for a while. Heal up quick purple :) All our best wishes Charles and RachaelThank you so very much! I am actualy on here at this ridiculous time of the morning, 2.36am as I can't sleep and am waiting for some morphine to kick in, the GP has just been out, my third visit in 5 days, at 12.55am as I was in floods of hysterical tears tonight with the pain early evening. My foot feels like it is going to explode , it is soooo swollen and so painful. On Friday I was prescribed antibiotics as GP said there was a sever infection that had taken hold, I had noticed this myself and that why I called him out. Anyway after 3.5 days of these strong anti b's still no joy, infact the infection spreading up my foot and swelling extreme, so GP here tonight and I now have an extra course of anti b's to take alongside these other ones. What a state to be in! I have been listening to the pain CD Charles and it has helped me at times, so many thanks. I do my best to use the technique at as many times as I can when the pain is severe but I have to say there are occasions when I just turn into a jibbering wreck and cave in to the emotions and tears! Mostly this has been when visiting the bathroom, and as I hop on my good foot the blood rushes to the toes of the other one, which is usually horizontally resting up on cushions, and the pain is extreme by the time I just get across the landing to the bathroom. Who would have thought that a simple task like taking a 'pee' would cause so much distress, and still 11 days post op!!! Well, I hope to be able to report happier and less painful news soon. Take care all and thanks for your good wishes and support! x (Purple)

I do hope the infection is now stopped with the second set of anti-biotics. Poor purple. :( (charles vald)

Things slwoly looking up. Have still got stitches ( part of ) stuck in foot and am onto GP again tomorrow about what to do about this. However today I have walked to the bathroom and back 4 times without use of any walking aide!!! I can only put weight on the side of said foot which is a worry as that ankle is weak due to previous breakages there! But, I did transfer weight on it none the less so I am proud of my achievements! Onwards and upwards!!! (Purple)


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