Views on Juicing and eating a raw food only?

Hi, What are you views on these topics? I'm thinking of making changes to my diet to give me some much needed energy and my research on the internet is leading me towards these areas. Juicing seems to easiest to adopt initially. ThanksWe purchased a juicer in the past, we used quite a bit but found it a very messy item to clean. They make them look so easy on the ads. Is it cheaper to buy fresh organic juice, or squash them yourself? (charles vald)

I've tried pre-prepared vegetable juice from Tesco but wasn't keen on the taste. I've done some more research and think that I'll buy a second hand juicer from ebay. I can then give it a go. I'll let you know how I find it. (Dave T)

Be interesting to hear your findings (charles vald)

Hello Dave, Dh began a high raw diet during May of this year and has had amazing benefits - most notably his energy levels (I used to have to roll him out of bed at 9am, now he is awake and ready to get up at 7am - it's like living with another man!). His mood has improved, he has an ongoing back condition which he is now getting relief from, he's lost 2 1/2 stone without even trying and his thinking is clearer. Juicing is ok, but you have to ensure you invest in one of the machines that extracts the fibre othewise you do not get the full benefit of the fruits and vegetables; your diet can rapidly become unbalanced if you do not get adequate fibre and roughage. I can highly recommend 'The Raw energy bible' by Leslie Kenton - it's only £7.99 on AMazon and is packed full of great ideas and recipes. You can read about dh's adventures with raw food here if you're interested: Contrary to popular belief, you can wave your food budget goodbye - eating high raw is *far* more expensive, so you will have to be prepared to prioritise spending on good quality food. Also, you can't do a weekly shop if you are wanting to eat vibrant, fresh food - at least twice a week you'll need............. best of luck wingsoflove (wingsoflove)

Thanks for the tips wingsoflove. I've now done my reseach on juicing. I didn't realise how many there are and the cost of some them! I understand the expensive ones are much better but I'll go for a cheaper one first to try it. I'll got some of my Christmas pressies sorted - juicer, book and book on raw foods. I'll report back after I've had a go. (Dave T)

I don't think that buying the pre-squeezed juice is as good as squeezing it yourself. Well, according to my fiance, anyway. He squeezes oranges and then gets really upset if I don't drink it within 5 minutes because he says all the nutrients are lost as they combine with the air (oxidise?). I think that one of those smoothy maker things must be quite good as they just crush up the whole fruit. Not sure if you can put veggies in it though. Not sure I'd like the taste of veggie juice. When you steam veggies in a steamer, the juice from that is supposed to be very good for you, so I make gravy out of it. (Izzy)

I have ajuicer and have made some lovely tasting fruit juices, have to say though that I am not a fan of vegge juices :? Like some raw veg, love salads and fruit, but I know I could never live on only these things alone. Well done to those of you who do! (Purple)

hi Dave T - how are you getting on with juicing and more raw foods in your diet? I have a juicer but don't use it very often as it's makes a lot of washing up and have to put an awful lot of F+ V in to make a small amount. I also make flax seed crackers in an excalibur dehydrator, it's a good way to get more seeds and EFAs in my diet. it's possible to make your own dehydrator from few bits of wood, and a lightbulb ! see also see comments on raw diet another link which may be of interest for anyone wishing to try raw diet is, Fresh Network are raw and living foods organisation, based in the UK. hth - Katya (blue-kat)

Thanks for asking how I'm getting on. I'm very pleased to report that it is a great success. After researching this on the internet, I bought a second hand juicer on ebay. This came with a book on juicing and I've also bought another book to help - both by Jason Vale. So far, I only juice each morning. This takes me 20 minutes, to cut the fruit/veg, clean up and then drink. I found the books invaluable. Any one interested can find his products at You do need to follow a clear routine to get your juice, otherwise I agree that it can take some effort to do. The tips from Jason Vale were great to help avoid pitfalls. His first book also explains in more general terms how you can change your diet without going on a 'diet'. This has also helped. I juice in the morning, have a salad for lunch (raw food) and something hot in the evening. This now tends to be healthy. I've switched to wholegrain rice, wholemeal bread, cut down on diary products etc. The book doesn't tell you anything that is really new, but I do like his style of writing and it has given me motivation to change my diet. I would recommend Jason Vale's stuff - and no, I'm not a relative or on commission! Finally, yes my energy has improved, I've lost some of my middle age spread and am determined to stick to these lifestyle changes. (Dave T)

that's brillaint Dave - well done :) great to hear that it's working for you. I am working on improving my kids' diet, and hope to get them onto proper fresh juices, rather than the carton stuff. But as I mean business, the changes are coming in gradually. I've read Jason Vale book on chocolate, agree he has nice friendly motivational style. I don't want to give up chocolate 100%, (which IIRC is what he advocated in the book :?: ) just keep it sensible :P - Katya (blue-kat)


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