Drawing a complete blank

Recently, I have been drawing a complete blank when asked questions. Does anyone else experience this kindof problem? It's like all memories have been erased, but of course they haven't really. Almost like a numbness of thought. Does anyone know of any remedies for this state of mind?I found this started happening to me when I became pregnant. No remedies to suggest. I'm still waiting for my brain to stop being numb and become more lively. (rachael)

I became brain dead when pregnant and it's never left me :D What is your diet like? diet can play a major role in all sorts of functions - brain function included. A herb reported to help memory is Ginkgo Biloba. Something else to bear in mind is that your brain needs to be used in order to keep it in the best of health - do you do something to keep your mind active - even adding up in your head your shopping total as you go 'round the store or doing crossword puzzles etc? What about playing games - Trivial pursuit for example. ALl these things help to keep the mind active and alert. wingsoflove (wingsoflove)

I too had this when pregnant and now again going through the menopause. It is called Brain fog by some and very common in women going through the menopause. Any other symptoms at all? (Purple)

I'm vegetarian. I just don't seem to have much motivation to do anything and my brain can't be bothered to work! I think it's had rather a lot of stress about a year ago and now it just want to vegetate. I hope I get out of this state soon though because I just don't seem to care about anything! I'm only 30 and I hope to have a baby in the future, so if I'm like this now, I dread to think what I might be like if I was pregnant!!! (Izzy)

Maybe it is a way of your mind and body looking after itself after all that previous stress? Could it be the menopause do you think? I have been having an early menopause since the age of 36 / 37 and it is not hugely uncommon now. Whatever it is I am sure you will cope when you have babies - us women do!! (Purple)

Izzy, It is probably down time for your brain after being stressed. It will pass, just keep your mind active and interested. Rach (rachael)

On radio 4 I heard about a study in Germany basically jogging twice a week will improve your memory. (charles vald)

do you have enough vitamin b12 in your diet? might be something to consider....? I know that veggies/vegans are sometimes recommended to take it as a supplement. Previously I've had intra muscular injections of B12 to help with brain fog. hope you're feeling perkier and more mentally alert soon :D - Katya (blue-kat)

Thanks for all your suggestions. It's funny, cos last week my fiance asked me what I wanted to do. It was 8.30pm on a Sunday night, drizzling and pitch black. So, just to be funny I suggested jogging. Of course he thought I was nuts, so it made me even more determined to get him to come. So, I put on my jogging bottoms, 3 jumpers and a scarf and off I went with my future husband walking 100 metres behind. It was great! The next night I demanded to go jogging again, so it really does work. I felt more alert the next day. So, I will try to get out a bit more and do some exercise. Anything to make my brain work again :) I think a lot of things build up in your mind so that you don't bother thinking about anything at all. I'm definitely not going through the menopause. Quite the opposite, I am desperate to have a baby! I think another problem is that I wake up 2 or 3 times a night and have a drink. That's my own fault though for not drinking enough during the day, but it's a hard habit to break. I'm sure I'll regain some brain power soon. ALthough, the other day at work I announced to the whole staffroom that I couldn't turn the tap off. Of course someone turned it off straight away seeing as I'd forgotten which tap I'd twisted, doh! (Izzy)


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