Eco balls.

Anyone tried eco balls to wash their clothes with. The reviews on dooyoo look good, opinions?I'm a little sceptical. I would challenge someone to wash their clothes with NO detergent and compare that to a wash with Eco Balls to see if their is much difference. In fact, I would challenge you to do half a dozen washes with no detergent to see how much of it gets left as residue in your clothes - I think you would be amazed; I was! I personally think water hardness has more of an effect on cleaning washing than anything else. Have you tried making laundry gloop? wingsoflove (in a very hard water area!) (wingsoflove)

We live in North London, so the water is very hard. We bought eco-balls and they seem to be doing the job. We had bought previously a cheap version and they left a nasty smell, I'm glad to say the eco-balls do not smell. (charles vald)

I had some, but wasn't impressed, and gave them away. I had problems with them splitting on high spins/ part loads. Not happy about all the little 'magic' stones running around my expensive washing machine. I've returned to using cheap washing powder, even though I only put in small amounts and reduce temp my washing comes up cleaner than with the eco balls. depends on your circs - we have a lot of very mucky washing! :oops: - Katya (blue-kat)


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