Great Cheap way of dealing with SAD

If any of you have seasonal affective disorded (getting down in the dumps in winter) i have found a really cheap alternative to the normal lights costing over 100 pounds. Simply search on ebay or the internet for a biobulb, they cost around 15 pounds (30 dollars) they are simply energy saving lightbulb to replace your normal lightbulbs but they produce a high lux, basically emulating sunny summer time and the reviews I found of them to treat SAD is great. I just ordered one to go into our dinning room, so I will tell you how I get on.hello thats very good advice will certainly have a look on it i was looking for a cheapalternative to SAD and i have glad you found it have a look at this thread for further information (bluefin)

Thanks bluefin, The only problem with their advice from the link, is that they state you should be in front of a light, this is because the closer you are to the light the more light you get, however I do feel a light bulb above is much better, and easier for the the sufferer, yes you will get a little less of the light but you will be able to do things in your house or read or even watch t.v. Lets be honest, it must be rather frustrating sitting in front of a light. (charles vald)

Thanks Charles I will go and look for this straight away!! (Purple)

Well we have the new light and it does look very nice, I am sure the indoor plants will love it, however because it is white light wife says we have to change the other lightbulbs now. (charles vald)

I have been looking around the net for these and doing my best to get best price but most very similar - my prob is I said to James I would want them everywhere which is a big expense to start - maybe I should ask for bulbs for christmas!!! Is it brighter than a normal bulb? Is it like other long life bulbs and takes a while to get to full strength? (Purple)

To be honest, I don't think you need them in every room in the house, just the rooms you are in during the day. They take a second to get to full strength, but not long at all. HTH (rachael)

When using the light it does seem like the front door is open which is quite nice. I tried to look for cheaper light bulbs and there were some but I didn't quite know what to compare. Here is a summary of the information from the box. Biobulb up 10,000 hours of light light radiates 380-780nm colour rendering 85 (which is pretty much daylight) lumens 1750 6500 kelvin colour and they say one hour spent in the presence of two 100 watt bulbs same as expensive 3000 lux light box (charles vald)

Well, I spend so much time on this computer in the day I best get a bulb in here first! Thanks for the info. (Purple)

I bought a second hand SAD lamp (Philips HF3305 Bright Light Energy )for my daughter who has a sleep disorder. it costs £50,so would recommend looking out SAD lights on ebay, and other 2nd hand sources. - Katya (blue-kat)

How are you and Rachael getting on with these bulbs Charles? I got two and have had them in the computer room and in our bedroom, as I was laid up in there for months after my foot op. I have to say that so far I haven't noticed any difference. I have felt quite low tha last couple of months, on and off. I think it is hte op and the fact that I have been so frustrated at not being able to do much that has got me down. (Purple)

They feel nicer but unsure on their effects. I bought recently an OTT-Lite which the strength of a desk lamp, use it to check CD covers are in and the like. It is also suppose to help with Sad and cost less than 50 pounds / 100 Dollars on ebay. (charles vald)

I don't thik these bulbs have helped me at all I am sad to say :( (Purple)


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