Should smoking be banned anywhere apart their own home?

What are your thoughts?At least smoking should be banned in public places as theu should have sympathy for passive smokers also so smoking only indoors should be allowed and outdoors should not be allowed (bluefin)

I absolutely HATE smoking. I think that it should be banned in public places, whether inside or outside. It was only last weekend when I was in St Albans, we walked into a nice looking cafe and walked straight out again. It stank of smoke! I always make a point of saying loudly, "No thanks, it STINKS of smoke in here." It is disgusting. The only place people should be allowed to smoke is in their own houses. However, even that can cause a nuisance to other people if they leave the window open or share the same fan extractor duct. I also think that smokers inflict illnesses on themselves and they deserve it. However, other people and particularly smokers' children do not deserve it and I think that it is irresponsible. (Izzy)


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