Brain burning Calories

Now I know the brain burns the most calories in the body. And I have heard that it burns more when it is active, thinking than say passively watching some TV. What I don't know is does anyone know how many more calories it burns when thinking.How do you know the brain burns the most calories? So, does that mean if I read thougtful stuff that I don't need to go to the gym and can eat more chocolate? (rachael)

Now this does sound exciting :D Mind you my scales are telling me that I must have been watching too much TV :( (Purple)

I'd be interested in a little non-scientific research here. I have a theory that 'born worriers' have a faster metabolism. Shall we do a little show of hands? I fit into the above category - I can 'eat what I like' and never put weight on, but my mind never switches off. My father is the same - he worries about nothing and is built like a greyhound. My mother, who takes everything in her stride and copes with watever life throws at her has always had to watch what she eats........... Anyone else? wingsoflove (wingsoflove)

It has been shown that people, from babies up who fidget burn off a lot of more calories. The same goes for people who worry, for the same reason they are more likely to be active, even when they are still hence they do burn off more calories. (charles vald)

Well, I am a born worrier and a terrible fidgiter too and my brain is always active and wont stop thinking even when in bed at night desperate for sleep, so am I a calorie burning machine? NO! Sorry, serious weight problem here and have always had trouble with my weight! (Purple)


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