What's your best essential Oil?

Lavender oil is my favourite What do you like?rosewood wingsoflove (wingsoflove)

What does rosewood smell of? (charles vald)

[quote:c984f19b8a="charles vald"]What does rosewood smell of?[/quote:c984f19b8a] Hmmm, what a perfectly impossible question to answer :D Let me see now - spicy, floral, woody. Not at all like roses. Now that doesn't help you at all does it?! One thing to be aware of with rosewood; buy it from a reputable company; the rosewood tree (tree, I think) is becoming endangered, so the law now requires that the oil is taken and a new tree is planted. As the name suggests, it is the wood that is stripped, so obviously this kills the plant Anyway Charles, my only suggestion is that I send you a couple of drops on a tissue in the post. PM me your address if you would like me to. wingsoflove (wingsoflove)

That's very kind my address is on this link http://www.hypnosishealthcare.com/contact.html (charles vald)

Thanks for the sample, smells very nice and woody. Are artificial versions of it used in bubble baths? (charles vald)

[quote:42d57b5dbe="charles vald"]Are artificial versions of it used in bubble baths?[/quote:42d57b5dbe] I have no idea, Charles. but I would expect so...... wingsoflove (wingsoflove)

I really really do not like lavender - don't know why but never have - my daughter loves it though so it les than easy when I go in her room for the bedtime story !! I love the smell of vanilla and lemon! :D (Purple)

The smell of chocolate is nice :) (charles vald)

[quote:e158388b51="charles vald"]The smell of chocolate is nice :)[/quote:e158388b51] :D an interesting concept for an essential oil there, Charles! Both you and purple might find you like the smell of Benzoin then - kind of cocoa bean meets vanilla :) It's a very warming and comforting oil and blends beautifully with citrus ones such as orange or lemon. wingsoflove (wingsoflove)

Maybe you should go into business selling it :) I am sure it will sell well. (charles vald)

They say the sense of smell is the sense most associated to memory. I love Patchouli. I think it's one of those you love or hate. For me I think I associate a certain time in my life with the fragrance. Some of you might know just what era that would be :) (mindweavers)

[quote:0604ddc7bd="mindweavers"]They say the sense of smell is the sense most associated to memory. [/quote:0604ddc7bd] I believe that. I also think it is one of the most powerful senses because it goes right *inside* you and the effect a great or otherwise smell can have is so strong - from uplifting and joyful, to closing your eyes with a big smile on your face, to quite literally, turning your stomach; it's all there. You're right about patchouli - it's a love or loathe one. :) wingsoflove (wingsoflove)

if I had to choose just one, it'd be lavender. wonderful scent, deeply calming and useful for minor scalds too ! chamomille would be a close second, geranium next. I could go on..... :D - Katya (blue-kat)


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