Cancer: a small subset of the debate

[color=blue:d2d4936054]I've had several friends, lovers, family members and colleagues suffer cancer, suffer the conventional treatments, and eventually die. I firmly believe that the treatment of cancer is in the prevention, but given that time and space is limited and that in our society the focus is on cure, then I'll bring up a point about that. A friend of mine has just been told he has cancer of the oesophagus, with secondary spots on the liver. He's been told he has about 4 months to live (quite a strong suggestion to feed the mind, but that's another topic). He is quite positive and told me about his treatment regime. Firstly, some lazer surgery to improve the passage in the gullet, Then a mechanical device will be inserted to keep it open, Then he will have 3 massive injections of unspecified chemicals (aka chemotherapy - a simple word that sounds a little like aromatherapy) Then he will take some daily tablets (unspecified) Then he might have some radiotherapy If, after all that, he's getting close to the end of the 4 months and he's in pain, he will get morphine His words, used with permission: "The hospital provides 24 hour coverage for anyone taking Chemo, because the side effects are many and varied. I'll have to closely monitor my temperature, since one of the side effects of the Chemo is a sudden rise in body temperature which requires a 999 call to get to hospital in a hurry." All of which got me thinking about science, scientific advance and our health. In particular, it got me thinking that prevention is better than cure, and that if we get an horrendous disease, Heaven forbid, then the cure should be very carefully thought about. A doctor of general medicine once told me that he would NEVER take chemo and would only take radio treatment as a last resort. When asked what he would take, he said he would assess the odds, treat himself to a few months of life, eat whole foods, use the power of prayer, and give in to the morphine if it came to it. Thoughts welcome. :) J.[/color:d2d4936054][quote:1b5a5ee6f1="Fruitbat"][color=blue]I've had several friends, lovers, family members and colleagues suffer cancer, suffer the conventional treatments, and eventually die. [/quote:1b5a5ee6f1] Hello Fruitbat, I have enjoyed reading your very thought-provoking posts this evening, but I am sorry for all your losses - there seems to be a theme in your life somewhere :cry: I'm sorry to hear about your friend too, who has just been diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus. I was reminded myself, today, of the fragility of life - a friend of mine had a suspected heart attack this weekend, at the age of 36....... You know the thing that infuriates me most about the medical profession? Their total ignorance of the power of the mind. Instead of 'you have 4 months to live' (which to many 'Drs are God' believers is simply a death sentance) say something constructive and helpful like 'Although you have x and y and the prognosis is not usually good, but with some major lifestyle changes, which I can guide you on, you can certainly improve your health and lead a happy life.' Without hope, surely there is no quality of life anyway? Why do they destroy that flame of hope in such a callous and thoughtless way? I like your Doctor-friend's approach - his idea sounds far more satisfactory. One only has to read about people like Louise Hay or oh, her name eludes me right now, but there are countless people who, with good diets based on largely organic and raw foods, alongside radical lifestyle changes and utilising the power of the mind have gone on to enjoy *complete recovery* of horrendous diseases.We are all individuals and as such, we all have the power to choose the direction in which we will journey through life. Hmm, anyway, I guess I didn't need to tell you any of that. :) I wish your friend peace on the journey he decides to take and you take care of yourself too. wingsoflove (wingsoflove)

[color=blue:faefe7fcf5]Thanks, WofL for validating a sad old Fruitbat's existence Can't believe anyone who takes the time to subscribe to the grandly named Well Being Forum isn't interested in this Ho hum J.[/color:faefe7fcf5] (Fruitbat)

Whenever someone close or yourself have something happen to them, it really does make you think. All my wishes are with you. I thought no specialist would tell a patients how many months to live.... due to the effects it has on them but that is another story. I had so many testimonials for people after buying my CDs releasing there own inner stress and fighting back we really do have it in us. I was suppose to lose site in one of my eyes (fully detached retina), statistically I had less than 1% chance of getting it fully back, the surgeons gave me a very big helping hand :) and yet I am sure it had to do with my positivity, relaxation and imagery, that I can see again. I am sure some of you have read how hypnosis and the power of thought has helped real people. Imagine if everyone who went into hospital was taught simple relaxation and visualisation skills. (charles vald)


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