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hello i am suffering from flu since a few days and no medicine is working effectively for me can anyone suggest some natural remedies for the same this flu is killing me and my body has become weak i am bed ridden and cant go to work any good advice is welcomeHello! Welcome to the boards. First up, with 'flu, the greatest gift you can give yourself is *time*. Closely followed by lots of water and bed rest. We're too gung ho in this modern life to pop a pill and get on with life while our body-mind is screaming at us to rest. So, take all pressures off yourself (work can manage without you for a while), remove all expectation, all sense of obligation and surrender to your body's needs. To help with your discomfort you could try a short-term high dose of vitamin C daily, alongside echinacea. I'd consider zinc too - all of these will help strengthen your immune system. Keep food to a minumum and water to a maximum. If you are feeling hungry, opt for really light foods - porrage made with water, perhaps with a little manuka honey to soothe your throat, lightly steamed vegetables to give you lots of vitamins and minerals and perhaps some brown rice and fresh fruit. If you want something with a little taste to drink, look at chamomile, yarrow, peppermint, ginger, catmint or rosehip teas. If your throat is sore, you could make a strong 'tea' from sage and thyme and use them as a gargle. Some people swear by cyder vinegar for the same purpose. You could burn essential oils in your bedroom - lemon, tea tree, eucalyptus and lavender would be good choices. If you feel strong enough for a bath, you could put one drop of each in a bath of warm water and soak for 15 minutes. If you don't feel strong enough, just a foot bath with say, 1 drop of your chosen oil would be beneficial too. Colloidal silver sprayed into your throat and nose might be helpful. So can positive visualisation or meditation - focus on seeing your white blood cells doing their job and healing your body. If you want to look into the spiritual / emotional ideas, then 'flu would indicate that someone or something is having a strong influence on you, therefore, creating doubt and undermining your sense of identity or purpose. Good luck! wingsoflove (wingsoflove)

hii i advice you take lots of rest and drink plenty of fluids i also advice you to take hot soup occasinally with the passage of time the flu will go away you can also take some medication like aspirin or tamiflu tamiflu is an over the counter medicine which is available at a local chemist shop and or order it online from http://www.drugdelivery.ca/s3353-s-TAMIFLU.aspx (bluefin)

[color=blue:a833248637] These are the side effects associated with Tamiflu: Cough Phlegm production Wheezing Nausea Vomiting Diarrhea Stomach cramps Stomach upsets Nosebleed (frequently and most commonly occurring in children) Itching of eyes Redness of eyes Skin flushing Swelling of eyes and excessive production of tears Fatigue Headache Insomnia Dizziness Apart from that, it's great and so natural! :) J.[/color:a833248637] (Fruitbat)

Yikes - thanks for sharing that valuable information with us, Fruitbat. I guess 'flu is the lesser of the evils?! How are you feeling now, tiadesai, was any of the information helpful in any way? wingsoflove (wingsoflove)

Tiadesai, I hope you're well by now. Just thought I'd add for those checking this board, that I have used hypnosis very successfully for family members who feel they are "coming down" with something. Basically, I balance the chakras and do positive suggestion that the immune system is taking care of things. I'm actually planning to make a CD so they can just do it themselves, since they already know how to self-induce a hypnotic trance. (mindweavers)

Hi Mindweavers, Your idea of the CD sounds fantastic. Last night I felt I was going down with a cold and it was so interesting to listen to my inner dialogue - talk about negative and pessimistic. So, I did what I could to turn that around and did a positive mantra along with some acupressure points. I'm wondering, will you CD be available for release, or just for family members? I'd really *love* to get hold of a copy of this. wingsoflove (wingsoflove)

Wingsoflove, Sounds like you already know how to take care of yourself. How is the cold? My goal is to eventually produce a small number of CDs for sale to clients of mine and those who come into our Natural Health Centre. I guess I could think BIG and consider sale on the internet, like Charles :D . I have already made some for personal & family use, but I need to 'buff' them up before selling them. Interestingly, the chakra balancing wasn't a priority as far as production, but I guess it should be, since it's one that we should always have in our medicine cabinet, so to speak. If you like, I'll let you know by pm when it is available. I'm gathering royalty-free music right now which is why I was up to 3:00am (Canadian time). I had emailed Charles and he encouraged me to submit 10 posts to get a free CD when I order. To your good health, mindweavers (mindweavers)

If you need any advice on recording CDs of anything relating to this simply ask :) All the best Charles (charles vald)


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