Just checking you are still about

You all still here?you are not alone, Charles :D I'm a bit of a moon gal - so the dark of the moon keeps me in my cave and feeling insular rather than sociable; the first few days of the lunar month keep me very busy. :roll: My BABY has just started school too - how on earth that happened, I don't know; so we're all adjusting (and taking bucket loads of walnut flower remedy!) What have you been up to? wingsoflove (wingsoflove)

Looking at getting our kiichen done and composing music and playing with our little one who is too younger for school :) Each day is getting busier as it comes up towards x-mas, people give family and friends hypnosis cds as presents which I always feel is quite unusual and different. www.hypnosishealthcare.com is now the 10th most visited hypnosis site, maybe get to number 9 next year:) (charles vald)

Here I am - this is what has been keeping me busy! [img:f4eaad45d6]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v359/purpledogs/Eleishashere021.jpg[/img:f4eaad45d6] My new grand daughter! Eleisha - born 20th Sept weighing 6lbs exactly. I was at the birth as my daughter's birth partner - her partner doesn't want to know - HIS LOSS! (Purple)

Awwww (((HUGS))) Purple and congratulations to you and your family. Welcome to the world, Eleisha. Have fun with your little one Charles - cherish every moment; even the challenging ones :) wingsoflove (wingsoflove)

[quote:82f3c6a59b="charles vald"] www.hypnosishealthcare.com is now the 10th most visited hypnosis site, maybe get to number 9 next year:)[/quote:82f3c6a59b] Well done Charles - plenty of celebrations going on in the Vald household. :D Just out of curiosity, how does one find out their website ranking? Good luck for making it to number 9! wingsoflove (wingsoflove)

Really cute :) Make sure my wife doesn't see the photo it will make her clucky :) (charles vald)

Very cute. Congrats Grandma and welcome to the world Eleisha. (rachael)

Purple, she's just beautiful. She was also born on my son's birthday!! I don't know if you have any other grandchildren, but if this is your first you've just realized that now you have a whole new generation to love and worry about. :) We have two now and we were just saying today how we're back donning skates at the arena again!! (mindweavers)

She is my second grandchild but I haven't got rid of skates etc; yet as my youngest daughter is only 5 1/2 yrs old - it's very tiring having a 24 yr old, a 15 yr old and a 5 yr old and then grandchildren of nearly 6yrs and of 4 weeks! The grandson who is 6 next month is actually 5 months older than my youngest daughter! We were pregnant together!!!! :? ( for 4 months! ) Therefore my youngest became an aunt whilst still in the womb! (Purple)

Wow, I commend you. I think you'll stay younger than the rest of us!! How exciting for the little ones. They're like siblings. If the mom of your 6yr old is your daughter that would sure add depth to your relationship. (mindweavers)

Well, I don't feel young, has to be said - I feel quite old and tired sometimes!!! But very lucky too!!! (Purple)

Hi _ I am still here - alive and kicking! :roll: (vijoli)

There was a minor problem with the forum so people could not register but it's been fixed. (charles vald)


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