A health and well being tip.................................

Keep Tallking!!!!! But where are you all? It's like a ghost town on here!!!!! :cry:Tip number 2 is - keep smiling, the ghosts may smile back at ya. (rachael)

Things are going to get a bit busier in a week or two, the forum will have a lot more visitors :) (charles vald)

Ooooh! That is good news Charles! :D (Purple)

I have my techie guy on the case, it is nice to get someone else to do this sort of thing for a change. We all have average 3 careers in our life, computing was my first career, this is my second but as it includes many things maybe its all of the others rolled into one. So what career number are you on purple? (charles vald)

Goodness gracious!!! I am self employed and attempting to do so many things at once! I am a Family Group Conference Coordinator [u:6ef051ad03][i:6ef051ad03][b:6ef051ad03]AND[/b:6ef051ad03][/i:6ef051ad03][/u:6ef051ad03] an NLP Practitioner ( very little work on the Island though so haven't practised for a while ) [u:6ef051ad03][i:6ef051ad03][b:6ef051ad03]AND[/b:6ef051ad03][/i:6ef051ad03][/u:6ef051ad03] a foster carer [u:6ef051ad03][i:6ef051ad03][b:6ef051ad03]AND[/b:6ef051ad03][/i:6ef051ad03][/u:6ef051ad03] working with the Battery Hen Welfare Trust rescuing and rehoming hens. I have previously been ................... a nanny, a group work therapist in middle schools, a social work assistant child protection, a pharmacy dispensing assistant, a housemistress at an all girls boarding school and also had various other jobs like cleaning and waitressing at times of financial need. So...................... many jobs but probably the main careers have been in the caring field with Social Work as the first and Group Work Therapy ( incorporated NLP mostly ) the second followed by Family Group Conferencing as the third - I think I am on my third then!!!!! Gosh! What a process to work that out!!! I think I will be going for a fourth and that is because I am very interested in training others and feel it is somehting I will do one day to enable me to pass on my learning and skills to others. (Purple)

Sorry you have had more than 3 careers :) that is strictly not allowed. I don't know how you have time to post :) (charles vald)

Nor do I!!!!! Don't sleep much so that probably where i get the time!!! :lol: (Purple)

I'm here! Just been busy for a few days, that's all. I think the assumption we all average 3 careers is pushing things a bit - I think I had three within my first working year! Let me see now - customer services supervisor, checkout gal! Stock broker, restaurant manager, garage assistant, bakery manager, mother, counsellor, writer.......that's just off the top of my head. Tip number 3 - tell those you love, that you love them - *every* day have a great weekend everyone wingsoflove (wingsoflove)

That's a good tip. Leading on from that- tip 4 Show someone who you love, that you love him/her everyday. (rachael)

Yes, very good tips - we always tell each other we love each other every day but it does neee to be shown as well. Tip 5 - Never go to bed on an argument / upset. (Purple)

Tip 6 Find something to laugh about everyday (especially yourself :D) Have a happy Sunday folks wingsoflove (wingsoflove)

Tip 7 - on the note of laughter - do it as much as possible as it is very very good for you!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: (James)


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