British Food Fortnight

With the threads on Supermarket food, fast food, healthy eating and frankenstien meat, I thought it would be topical to bring your attention to British Food Fortnight. With most children seriously believing that meat 'comes from a supermarket', being shocked when they see a dirty potato straight from the ground, with strawberries available all year 'round and many of us living off takeaways and convenience food we can cease this opportunity to create a better relationship with our food. Simple, profound rituals like blackberry picking in the countryside, having a baking afternoon with seasonal plums and apples or going on an organised mushroom hunt (some can be highly poisonous, so you need to know what you are doing) can being you closer to the rhythms and cycles of nature. Such simplisity can also pave the way into a more harmonious meeting with the upcoming autumnal months....... This ties in with the recent petrol price crisis too - who knows, maybe one day those strawberries will not be available all year 'round at all and we'll have to rely, once again, on good old fashioned British produce. Use this fortnight as an opportunity to educate yourself........ For those of you who are fortunate to harvest your own produce, maybe share your harvest with your neighbours, for other people, why not give the supermarket a miss and spend a morning exploring your local farmer's market or you could treat yourself to a local box scheme to ensure seasonal, local produce. It runs from Sept 24th to 9th October Check here: to see what is happening in your area bon appetit! wingsoflove


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