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do your best to get a balanced diet?Hello purple, I have studied nutrition and feel the best way to get our needs met is through a balanced diet, however, that is not as easy as it seems! I feel that unless one can by organic, local and seasonal food then the chances of ever being able to eat the 'perfect diet' are limited. We all know our soil is badly depleted and fruits and vegetables we find in supermarkets have often been chlorine washed or sprayed with preservatives. Many of these things are nutritionally bankrupt, having been kept in cold storage for *months* before they hit the shelves. I think if you are in good health, a balanced diet is just fine, but if you are seeking help with a condition or illness, then short-term, high quality supplementation is needed to give the body an initial boost. The most important thing, in my opinion is not what you are eating, but whether or not you can assimilate and metabolise all the goodness from you food. I hope this help a little, Wingsoflove (wingsoflove)

I take Omega 3 fish oils as I do not eat sea food of any sort. I also take calcium and magnesium as I am going through the menopause and a multi vit and mineral supplement as I am always worried my diet does not have all it is supposed to have in it!!! (Purple)

[quote:86c9dc450e="Purple"]I take Omega 3 fish oils as I do not eat sea food of any sort. [/quote:86c9dc450e] Do you eat seeds - pumpkin, sesame, linseed etc? They are good sources of omega 3 I think the most important thing with this, Purple, is your state of mind - if you feel that taking these supplements is benefitting you and doing you good; then so be it. If you feel you should be eating a more balanced diet and not taking supplements, then you could work at a programme to change that....... The most important thing about food is that we eat it with gratitude and love and that we have joy in our lives. If we start worrying about what we eat / don't eat or eat with guilt or anger, then this does more harm than eating chips and coke everyday (imo) Be happy! wingsoflove (wingsoflove)

Hi, I take a multivitamin and iron tablet and vegetarian omega oil capsules, every day. I started taking them about a month ago because I had such a bad memory. I'm dippy at the best of times, but it was becoming a bit of a joke. I am less tired now and I suppose that's why my memory appears to have improved. (Izzy)

although I have a pretty good diet, I also take supplements as well onthe advice of nutritionally-inclined Doctor. I take Glucosamine sulphate which has help with joint pain. I also take essential fatty acids - and also eat seeds ( pumpkin, sunflower, shelled hemp, some flax),and muy cholesterol profile has improved. - Katya (blue-kat)


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