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Your thoughts on this article? http://uk.news.yahoo.com/25082005/325/new-study-says-homeopathic-medicines-don-t-work.html[color=blue:8877d1ff4e]It makes me wonder why the established medical profession in the West shows (generally) so much antipathy towards alternatives. This particular study seems not to have been carried out rigorously, and yet has been given news space. The media, likewise, seem to love any *scientific* evidence against the efficacy of alternative medicine. I wonder why? I'm a sceptic, but accept that *I* heal myself and no doctor has ever healed me. Western medicine is great for acute / A&E stuff to glue your leg back on or stabilise you after a heart attack; but most people feel generally OK but want to be free of chronic niggles; this is where Western prescriptive medicine is terrible, and homeopathy / naturopathy / hypnosis / Reiki .... (fill in the blank) come into their own. Strange how some scientists are so closed-minded on this? J. x[/color:8877d1ff4e] (Fruitbat)

No 'alternative therapy' will ever be *allowed* to work according to the media - if people start getting cured from cancer where on earth will the drugs companies and governments be? They are so scared of losing their perceieved power that everything that *really* works has to be kept under wraps....... imho LOL! wingsoflove (wingsoflove)

Here here!! (Purple)

I beleive very much in the power of the mind and that it can in some cases cure even very serious diseases. Many people have decided it is not their time to go and have lived on many years longer than they were given by the medics. I believe alternative therapies to be very very useful and homeopathic remedies appear to be of a lot of use to some people also. I am lucky that I rarely get ill. I can decide that I do not need a headache if one appears and usually get rid of it pretty quickly. I defer the energy that the headache has into something useful instead! (James)


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