Meat with no Animal

The first tests of producing slabs of meat from petri dishes are emerging. Would you eat meat that is made in a factory?No, it sounds disgusting! Would it be like meat like the real thing with blood and veins? Or would it be like quorn? Quorn is grown in a petri dish, but is more like a mushroom, so not so bad to think about. (Izzy)

I really hate the idea of my food being messed around with that much. The fake meat veggie products are processed enough as it is. (rachael)

OOH! Sounds horrible - would have to find out more about it before I even considered it have to say! (Purple)

Hmmm, well I haven't eaten meat for 20 years and I'm not about to start now. However, my daughter eats meat (her choice and I buy local, organic once or twice a week for her) and I would *never* buy this sort of thing for her. I wouldn't trust it; I don't believe we have evolved quickly enough to deal with most of the junk food already into the so-called food chain. I'm assuming this is some sort of cloned meat? And supposedly the answer to the world's food shortages <insert raucous and cyncial laughter>. I'm sure it's no worse than the stuff that's put into nuggets, burgers, sausages or cat food though, eh? There are many things that concern me about food these days; I think we are kept from much of the truth out there. There are so many loopholes too with labelling laws that all sorts of things get into the food chain, that I really don't feel are fit for human consumption. better step away from my soapbox before I get myself into trouble :lol: wingsoflove (wingsoflove)

I am afraid I do not like the sound of this one little bit! I do like my meat - especially doner meat!!! (James)

[color=blue:672cf9cbc3]I don't eat much meat, but am not hung up about it. I've never felt entirely right with meat, and my system feels cleaner and healthier without it: but that's purely personal; everyone is different. I know people who are wonderfully spiritual and eat meat; Jesus and the Buddha for two! ;) But this type of experimental food is beyond the pale. The mad scientist approach to nutrition is horribly dangerous, aka 'because we can do it, we will.' Kill a pig and eat it if you must, but leave the labs to people searching for the cure for cancer. :) J.[/color:672cf9cbc3] (Fruitbat)

Would your feelings change if the meat produced on a petri dish was grown with only organic nutrients. (charles vald)

My feelings wouldn't change. It's not the organic/ non-organic issue for me; it's the fact that this is an *unnatural* food. It's something manufactured in a laboratory. The energy of a free-range, organic cow is totally different to something cultivated in a petri-dish. We have to move away from all this man-made stuff and back towards a seasonal, local, organic diet if we are to maintain good health. Trouble is, the labelling 'laws' being what they are, the chances are the public won't even know whether they're eating the real stuff or the frankinstein food. wingsofhealth (wingsoflove)

LOL at my name in the previous post :lol: must have had health on the brain. wol (wingsoflove)

I noticed that straight away!!!! LOL (Purple)

i wont be able to eat any kind of meat its really disgusting i am a strict vegetarian and i going to be a strict vegetarian killing of any animals for our food should not be followed our stomach is not a graveyard for them (bluefin)


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