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Should vegetarian parents bring their children up as vegetarians? I am vegetarian, but I'm not sure how easy it would be to have a vegetarian baby. My partner eats meat, but prefers vegetarian food. What are your views? Do you think it would be unfair on the child?My eldest daughter, now nearly 15, was brought up as a vegetarian until she was five years old. I explained it all to her all the way along and said she could choose what she ate but that I did not cook meat at home. When she was five she went to a birthday party and came home saying she felt sad, I asked why and she said " I ate a 'pig' sausage and I really liked it !" I told her that was OK and she then ate some meat when at her friends or at her fathers. She never liked much meat, only sausages and chicken, no fish , no beef etc; and has always eaten a lot of vege stuff. Any way when she was 10 yrs old she decided to become a fully fledged vege again. Interestingly this was just as I stopped being vege after nearly 12 yrs of it as I was pregnant and craved chicken and bacon!!!! She has fallen by the wayside on odd occassions fancying a chicken burger, but is vege through and through again now. I certainly do not think it is not a healthy diet and it was fine bringing her up as a vege baby. Just check with the health visitor what foods can be introduced when. Good luck!!! (Purple)

I am a veggie but my wife is not and I wanted our 18 month child to do whatever he wanted so basically he is offered meat/fish, however for some reason he doesn't like it. Does it make me happy? Not really let the kid eat whatever he wants to eat, we are all free spirits. (charles vald)

[quote:77b56b5932="Izzy"]Should vegetarian parents bring their children up as vegetarians? [/quote:77b56b5932] not in my opinion. Who are we to, excuse the pun, force our opinions down our children's throats <groan> I remember the words of Kahlil Gibran: "Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself. They come through you but not from you, And though they are with you, yet they belong not to you. You may give them your love but not your thoughts. For they have their own thoughts. " I think it is perfectly ok from a health point of view to bring up a child as a vegetarian, as long as you are educated about eating a balanced healthy diet - making up good 'complete proteins' by combining grains and legumes for example, but for other reasons I think it is fairer to offer the child a wide variety of foods and let them decide. Some people seem to 'need' meat, whereas others fair better without. Have you come across the 'Eat Right for your type' by Peter D'Adamo which talks about eating a different diet depending on your blood group? I discovered after being vegetarian for 15 years, that according to my blood group (A) I was the 'natural vegetarian' I was delighted to say the least, I'm not sure how I would have felt if it was suggested I would do better on the traditional meat and 2 veg (type O). I have always wondered whether a child who has *never* eaten meat would over time, lose the enzymes needed to digest such complex protein sufficiently?? Anyway, I've taken this off topic- sorry about that; I hope, if this was a question about your own family you reached a conclusion you all feel happy with. blessings wingsoflove (wingsoflove)

Having thought about it, I think that I would give my baby meat, but it would have to be organic white meat and not every day. I do think that a vegetarian diet is rather limited and might make a child very fussy. However, if they chose to be vegetarian when they were older, then it would be fine by me. I don't eat meat because I find the thought of eating flesh disgusting. I don't mind cooking it or other people eating it. (Izzy)

I'm glad you've made a decision you feel happy about Izzy - that's the most important part about being a parent; making decisions that your child knows you feel secure in. Best of luck! wingsoflove (wingsoflove)


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