The health benefits of folic acid

Folic acid is recommended for woman who are planning to become pregnant and during pregnancy to prevent neural tube defects. However, the wider health benefits of folic acid for the general population are not so publicised. Taking folic acid regularly can help prevent a number of diseases, particularly some cancers, cardiovascular disease, depression etc. Folic acid is used in our bodies to make new cells. Perhaps these benefits should be publicised more to help prevent disease. I only found out about the benefits of folic acid when I was researching preventative measures for bowel cancer.Hello Izzy thank you so much for info. I will be looking into this. If I thought it might help me I would have a go at taking it. Can't do any harm. God Bless Summer (Summer)

Mmmm... interesting - will look into this more. Thanks! (James)

Folic Acid is known to be reduced in women who take the birth control pill so it's very important for them to supplement before getting pregnant. Also folic acid and B12 are used to convert homocysteine (that bad stuff that causes arterial plaque)to glutathione, an important part of liver detoxification and a major influence in anti-aging and health. (mindweavers)


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